Hillary Clinton Name Recognition Analysis

In contemporary American politics, name recognition is of the utmost importance. It is significant reason why Hillary Clinton had such a large lead over her two opponents early on in the primary season. If people are aware of a candidate, they will be more likely to pledge this support to them. It is chiefly for this reason that third parties continuously find themselves lagging behind in the polls and unknown to the vast majority of the American electorate. All of the factors that handicap third-parties in the American political system are consequential but the biggest hurdle these parties have to overcome is media access. The limited coverage they receive as well as inadequate advertising funds on media outlets, which is the foundation of a successful modern campaign. The problem of name recognition is largely associated with the media’s lack of coverage of candidates outside the Democratic and Republican system. A prime example exists in the election where Republican Ronald Reagan and Democratic Jimmy …show more content…
The first, make the provision regarding newscasts be more specific. If a newscast on a particular day in dominated by one particular candidate, require some airtime to allow for responses from the other candidates. Second, keep equal-time by request only, but only by one candidate. The one request will pertain to all the candidates that are applicable to the newscast. They must extend an offer for comment to all applicable. Third, don’t include debates as on-the-spot news. If a party debate is offered to any given network and is accepted, the network has to be willing to host a debate for any party that requests it. Lastly, all rules are predicated on their enforcement. The FCC needs to be serious with their role in balancing journalistic integrity and unbiased information while simultaneously making compelling penalties against outlets to keep their behavior in

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