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  • Population Inference: B. A. HS Students

    HS Students. Two classrooms were used for the treatment with music and two classrooms were used for the control groups. A test on vocabulary consisting of 10 words was given to two of these classrooms where the vocabulary words are provided prior to the test to see if music will affect the student’s memory. No name was required to be written on the tests, of course. Classical music was played during the entirety of the experiment. 5 minutes were given for studying for the test and 5 minutes were…

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  • Comparative Analysis: Baroque Music Vs. Classical Music

    Sarika Persaud Professor Debra Matthew ENC 1101 December 08, 2015 Baroque music vs. Classical music Music has changed drastically over decades. It has been seen by many different point of views and many different styles. In todays society, we never really see the amount of work that composers has put into instrumental pieces. In my essay, ill be comparing and contrasting two types of music which are the Baroque and Classical era of music. The Baroque era began during the…

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  • Essay On Facial Physiognomy

    Facial Physiognomy: Relationship Between Physical Characteristics And Personality One’s personality and characteristics both come through nurture and nature; it is both innate and shaped by the society and everyday interactions. Due to the fact that it is innate and biological, it is possible to think that other innate characteristics can predict personality. For example, one’s physical characteristics might be a factor that determines his personality. Physiognomy, as Britannica Encyclopedia…

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  • Symbolism In Opera

    Symbolism in Opera: The Elements of French Symbolism in the Opera Production of Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande Introduction Although a large number of research studies have been conducted on the relationship between Claude Debussy and French Symbolism, especially his opera Pelléas et Mélisande, whether his music could reflect Symbolism is still in a heated discussion. Some research has pointed out the relationship between the music and the libretto of the opera and Symbolism , ; while some…

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  • Analysis Of Never Shall I Forget By Elie Wiesel

    “Never Shall I Forget,” by Elie Wiesel is a poem of a passage in Night, that deals with the Holocaust which had occurred during the time of World War 2. The Holocaust is a very delicate matter and Elie Wiesel handles it in a way where he describes and shows the horrors committed by the Nazi’s of Germany. This poem, “Never Shall I Forget,” is written in the first person in which it illustrates the horrible events and tragic effects of the concentration camps where Elie Wiesel and his family were…

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  • And The Glory Of The Lord Chorus Analysis

    The Baroque period is commonly referred to as the period containing the oldest examples of music still played today. The most popular choral work to arise from this period was written by Hanel- one of the most prominent composers at the time. Regarded as the greatest classical work ever, Handel’s Messiah is one of the most performed pieces- both in part and in whole- by professionals and amateurs alike. Its popularity nearly 300 years after its creation demonstrates its music power. Despite the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Mcallister Auditorium

    The San Antonio College Guitar Studio Recital took place October 20, 2014. I first arrived at the McAllister Auditorium (1300 San Pedro Ave. S.A. TX 78212) at 7 PM. It was my first time in the colleges Auditorium, but not my first time experiencing a musical performance. I have attended several times the theatre to listen to the orchestra from my hometown. It is a marvelous experience. At the entrance I could appreciate an organ, which has had an important history in classical music, especially…

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  • Mozart Accomplishments

    “Love, Love, Love that is the soul of genius” (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). In Western music he is generally identified as one of the most significant and substantial composers. Ludwig Van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were few of many innovative composers, but one who stood out from the few and was a prodigy as a young child was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born on January 27 1756 to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria, née Pertl in Salzburg, which is the…

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Johann Sebastian was a German composer who became a great violinist, violist, pianist and harpsichordist of the Baroque period. Bach wrote over eleven hundred music compositions in all different genres. His music became the essential part of the education today for every musician. Bach was an influenced composer and was an inspiration to many leaving a great legacy behind after his death. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Childhood & Place of Birth Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21,…

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  • Sebastian Bach Influence

    Johann Sebastian Bach, a composer from the Baroque period, is one of the most influential and famous composers of all time. He has influenced countless musicians and some notable examples are, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, and Robert Schumann. Bach wrote countless masterpieces which many people still listen to today. This paper will cover his life and upbringing as well as some his famous works and how they contribute to music. Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 as the…

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