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  • Josh Viett Analysis

    Wolfgang Mozart mixed with Ne-Yo. Bach blended with the soulful sounds of Adele and soothing cords and progressions of a violin. These are only a few of the characterizations I would use to describe violinist and performer Josh Vietti. Josh brings a distinctive approach to music combining tones of classical with a wide variety of styles from pop to gospel, hip hop jazz and country. He is a musician typically defined as a hip-hop violinist, but Josh Vietti is enormously more than that. He is an…

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  • Giuseppe Fortunio Francescp Verdi Characteristics

    Giuseppe Fortunio Francescp Verdi was a Italian composer in the 19th century, he was known as one of the most influential composers in the 19th century. Giuseppe was born to Luigia Uttini and Carlo Giuseppe Verdi in Le Roncole Italy in the parm region of Italy. Since days were often considered to begin at sunset, this could have meant he was born on October 9th or 10th of 1813 accordingly to La Traviata Education Materials. One day after Giuseppe was brought until the world he was baptized in a…

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  • Sebastian Bach Research Paper

    Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisensch (Turingia, Germany) on March 21, 1685 as an eight child to Johann Ambrosius Bach, and Maria Elizabeth Lammerhirt, and Eisensch is also the same place where Luther translated the New Testament into German 190 years before. Johann Ambrosius Bach, His father (1645¬¬-1695) was a church organist, his twin brother Johann Ambrosius was a string player, and a court trumpeter. Sebastian Bach was baptized in Saint George church three days after being born in…

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  • Baroque Era

    Before we can even begin to speak on a powerful figure of the Baroque period, such as Arcangelo Corelli, we must first get an understanding of what the Baroque period even is. The word Baroque is derived from the ancient Portuguese word borroco, which stands for “The Misshapen Pearl”. Now to compare such vibrant and spectacular music such as Pachelbel’s Canon and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons to a misshapen pearl sounds ludicrous but bear with me. You will understand before I finish explaining. It…

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  • Analysis Of Seven Tunes Heard In China By Bright Sheng

    Seven Tunes Heard in China (在中国听到的七个曲调), by Bright Sheng (盛宗亮,Shèng Zōngliàng), was commissioned for Yo Yo Ma (马友友) and was first performed on October 9, 1995. The piece is based on folk melodies and other songs collected by Bright Sheng from various regions of China. Many Chinese-American composers went through the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) but after, the conservatories reopened in 1977, and they were among the first to enroll and graduate. Many of them after pursued their doctoral degrees…

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  • Relationship Between Baroque And Classical Eras

    The Link—Music between the Baroque and Classical Eras In the early to mid-18th Century, instrumental music was becoming the most popular form of music. One prominent and revolutionary composer during this time was Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach (called “CPE” Bach). His music provides insight into what happened during the transition between the Baroque and the Classical era. His compositions written in the sensitive style inspired the next generation of composers, including Haydn, Mozart and…

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  • Musica Est Optimum: Martin Luther's Theory Of Music

    1. Loewe, J. Andreas. “‘Musica Est Optimum’: Martin Luther’s Theory of Music,” Music & 0 0 0 Letters 94, no 4 (2013): 573-605 “‘Musica Est Optimum’: Martin Luther’s Theory of Music”, an article by J. Andreas Loewes begins by citing a volume written by Carl Schalk titled Luther on Music, which updated previous records on the subject written by Walter Buszin and Paul Nettl. Schalk claimed that their works “caused frustration because of a lack of documentation”, though there were other…

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  • Chopin Piano Concerto Analysis

    Chopin's first Piano Concerto in E minor was born in the early Baroque period of the seventeenth century (). The concerto is divided into two performance groups: a lead group with professional musicians, and a group with amateur musicians. Chopin is a great composer known as a piano poet. His genius created the beauty of music that only the piano had. Chopin's piano is one of the representatives of the European romanticism. The most prominent feature of romantic music is the emphasis on the…

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach: A Brief Biography

    Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 31, 1685 in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany and died on July 28, 1750 in Leipzig, Germany. Although he only lived 65 years, he has left a legacy as one of the most impactful and greatest composers of all time. Biography Bach is from the Baroque era of music.(1600-1760) During the Baroque era, people had a lot of children. Bach had lots of siblings, 8 to be exact. When he became an orphan at the age of 10, his brother, Johann Christoph, took him in for…

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  • Isabella A Cappella Analysis

    Title: Angelus autem Domini Publisher: Friedrich Pustet (1854) Composer/Arranger: Felice Anerio Voicing: SATB Language: Latin Difficulty Level: Medium Length of Piece: 1:40 Accompanied or A Cappella: A Cappella Sacred or Secular: Sacred Comments: This is an A cappella piece that requires experienced singers. There are no extreme ranges. Ranges and tessitura are generally standard.. Highly recommended work for Easter as it’s a religious work. 2. Title: Factum est…

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