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  • Case Study: Deepwater Horizon Oil

    Abstract APOC, founded in 1909 as Anglo Persian oil company, was bought by England over more than 51% of its stock when it was about to fail on the initiative of Winston Churcill. It was subsequently privatized by the Thatcher campaign in the 1980s and soon became a major oil and refining company, with interests in clean blacks (such as solar panels) and attention to security procedures. But is all this enough for such a global company? Introduction BP, over time, suffered from a chain of major…

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  • Analysis Of The World Is Blue By Sylvia Earle

    Blue Heart: How the Ocean is Quickly Dying It has long since been advertised by profiting companies that the ocean is so vast that it is impossible for us to destroy it. This claim has been repeated so many times that it has become part of the general public’s core beliefs. However, this incorrect assumption is being pushed forwards by the agenda of corporations that wish to make use of the ocean and all its resources without thinking about the consequences. Corporations want us to believe the…

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  • Enron Neoliberalism

    The corporation is not made up of good and bad companies, it is one big, bad apple. The power of corporations in society has been dominate for a long time and especially since neoliberal policies, designed to curb inflation, strip away regulation, and privatize, took hold in 1980 (Bakan). Many corporations grew to have massive power and dominance in the market and on a political scale. Enron Corporation, during its prime, was no exception. Although Enron Corporation had grown to be one of the…

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  • Case Study: Almarai Company

    Almarai Company was founded in 1977 by the its Chairman HH Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed bin Saud Alkabeer (Almarai, 2014), it is located in Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and currently employs over 34,000 people (Almarai, 2014). The company started in Riyadh and it had a number of decentralized farms and plants, but during the 1990s it went through a restructuring process, and it replaced its small decentralized plants and farms with large centralized ones which…

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  • Enron Collapse Case Study

    In the early 2000s, the business world was rocked by a series of scandals in the business sector and many of which involved suspicious accounting activities. One of the largest of these failures was a company known as Enron. Due to their involvement with Enron, the Enron debacle is sometimes referred to as the Enron/ Arthur Andersen scandal. The inclusion of Arthur Andersen in the Enron scandal was due in part to the fact that Andersen handled the accounting for Enron for approximately sixteen…

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  • Enron Failure

    The story of Enron is probably the most notable, epic failure in the history of corporate bankruptcies. It took the company ten years to grow from $10 billion in assets to over $65 billion in assets, yet took a mere twenty-four days for them to go bankrupt. While many books, articles, and documentaries blame the Enron’s demise on its leaders, the company’s culture, accounting practices, or deregulations from the government, the employees are also to blame. Consequently, the employees’…

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  • What Is The Cause Of Enron

    THE RISE AND FAll OF ENRON KARANJYOT SINGH LOVEPREET SINGH 000352171 000352551 WHAT WAS ENRON-Enron, a company headquartered in Houston, worked one of the biggest regular gas transmission organizes in North America, totaling in excess of 36,000 miles, also being the biggest merchant of common gas and power in the United States. Besides from gas and power Enron dealt with a lot…

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  • Bill Gates Argumentative Essay

    Even though Some people believe he tried to rob his customers for his new technology being so overly expensive, Bill Gates should be remembered for making the huge technology advancements. because He is a Co-owner of the giant international company Microsoft. and He is very successful in life and has done everything right down the road in which got him to be so overly successful. Some people believe he tried to rob his customers for his new technology being so overly expensive. As with…

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  • Enron Bubbles In The Business World

    Bubbles in the business world are characterized by rapid expansion and then a following contraction. Enron falsified profits, took extreme risks, and rigged investments, all so that they could increase the size of their bubble. However, the bubble could only grow so large. Some were able to escape the bubble before it popped, but in the end nobody remained unscathed. The Enron bubble is a testament to the need for some regulation. Enron employed many questionable accounting practices to…

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  • Analysis Of Whistleblowers: Broken Lives And Organizational Power

    Throughout my accounting studies so far, whistleblowers have been praised for their heroic actions that lead to the collapse of a giant corporation. However, the heroic actions and collapse are the seldom times that whistleblower protection laws work. In C. Fred Alford’s book: Whistleblowers: Broken Lives and Organizational Power, Mr. Alford explores the corporation and systems irrational behavior that makes whistleblowers lose faith in humanity and the justice system. Throughout the book, Mr.…

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