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  • Gran Torino Film Analysis

    by Clint Eastwood, as he was also the main character. The main character Walt, as played by Clint Eastwood, befriends a young Hmong boy in what turns out to be a surprising relationship. This film portrayed a significant amount of historical trends of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and it represents certain cultural aspects that were present at the time with both the Hmong people and the average American white male. The Detroit that is portrayed in the movie certainly isn't the Detroit that stands today…

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  • Laos Essay

    Laos, or the Lao People 's Democratic Republic, is a land locked-country in Southeastern Asia. It has a vast array of terrains that are traversed by the Mekong river. Sharing borders with Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar, Laos has a population size of approximately 6.77 million. This is roughly the size of Utah for population and size. Why leaders of the LPDR are in its capital Vientiane, along the Thailand border, the rest of the country’s population is extended across its…

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  • Racism In The Tea Party

    topic in recent years again with people that seem to be on both sides saying that we as a country do not have a problem and then there are people shedding light to how much there actually is a problem. Both sides dismissing each other and then nothing is happening to solve this problem. The main argument saying that this country does not have a racism problem is that we talk too much about it which is fuels the fires of a nonexistent problem said by privilege white people. Sadly, a lot of the…

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  • The Role Of Puritans In New England

    mom and dad it’s me Wounmee, I know it has been a while, but I just wanted to write to you about how my time here in New England. I moved here because I didn’t like the Protestant church is back home. When I was in England I heard about a group of people who called themselves the Puritans. They were a group who also believed that the Protestant Church was not complete and was corrupt just like the Catholics. The Puritans wanted to clean up the church and society, and believed that they could…

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  • Workplace Diversity Paper

    a competitive advantage to adapt to diversity as Census data suggest by 2050 there will be no racial or ethnic majority in the United States. Diversity is a key aspect of entrepreneurialism in the United States. According to Census Bureau, 22.1% people of color and 28.8% women own U.S. business. The economy will foster if businesses commit to meeting the needs of diverse communities as workers and consumers help boost…

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  • Having A Good Life Analysis

    physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health can contribute to feeling great and having a wonderful outlook on life. People routinely take these aspects of health for granted. For example social health is important, having a group of friends to talk with and support each other makes for a strong foundation. Since moving out here in 2013 and not knowing a lot of people my wife and I have found it increasingly difficult to engage in a healthy social life, plus with having a toddler…

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  • Examples Of Low Expectations

    The phrase “low expectations” usually has a negative connotation. This makes sense, because people have associated low expectations with unhappiness and failure. This is not always the case, however; sometimes having low expectations can be viewed as pleasant and helpful, whereas having high expectations can cause disappointment. Even William Shakespeare once said that expectations are the root of heartache. Lowering expectations can positively impact happiness by changing one’s outlook on life,…

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  • Why I Want To Be Essay

    have looked through the mirror, and said “I need to become more.” These words are not because of lack of confidence, but because with my background, I have learned that there is a need to love oneself to love others. I want to be the type of person people look up to, a person of action and a keeper of words. I have analyzed who I am, and how much work I need to do. “It is too late to change my past; therefore, I will strive to become a better individual by not committing the same mistakes and…

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  • My Mom: How Socialization Changed My Life

    As soon as we came to this earth, we were all born equal because we were all innocent at the time. We had no sense of the world or the people around us in those first moments in the delivery room. Throughout the years of living, we began to develop an identity when we are exposed to a culture. Socialization is important to us because it helps shape one’s personality. Even though our genes give us a certain type of personality, the socialization process is what helps us form as a person in a…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Take A Break

    production of endorphins, [the] body 's natural mood-booster” (How Stress Affects Your Health). The more a person works out, the more endorphins enter his or her system, and the more happier the person feels at the end of the session. That explains all the people who actually enjoy going to the gym sixteen times in one week. Even though exercising does benefit the body, a person does not need to start running marathons, but learn to take a light jog before a huge…

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