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  • Ethnocentrism In Hmong's Culture

    people share in a community and ethnocentric people believe that their way of living and behavior is the natural and normal way. Hmong people migrated to the United States from Laos to escape the ongoing war, and their culture and beliefs collided with American cultural in several ways. Hmong’s and American’s beliefs differ about medicine, authority and raising children. The Hmong have struggled throughout history to preserve their unique culture fighting especially against Chinese dominance.…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Green Bay Culture

    Throughout the years I’ve always found it easier to look at a culture and notice its unique features compared to fully understanding my own. Growing up in a rural community of Green Bay, Wisconsin presented me with minimal experiences of other cultures making this particular assignment incredibly intriguing for me. My parents grew up very poor and neither of them had much when they moved to Green Bay, both of them had to work extremely hard to get to where they are today. Because of this they…

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  • Conflict In Gran Torino

    The film displayed Walt’s ignorance of the Hmong culture as he reluctantly joined his neighbor, Sue, at her family gathering. As Walt entered the house with Sue, he was surrounded by her family members, and he immediately began to question if he was acting inappropriately because he noticed that…

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  • Culturally Congruent Intervention In Hmong Culture

    Nurses must have an understanding of the client’s culture. Understanding the client’s culture will promote culturally congruent interventions. Culturally congruent intervention for the Hmong culture regarding Hep B would consist of the use of eastern and western medicine. Eastern medicine that the Hmong culture could practice includes Shamanism, coining, cupping, herbal medicine, spooning or acupuncture (Xiong, M., et al., 2013). Shamanism is a belief in the spirit world and its connection…

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  • Religion And Holidays In Hmong Culture

    Religion and Holidays The Hmong have a triple faceted religion. It revolves around the cult of spirits, the shaman and ancestor worship. Hmong culture believe that spirits reside in all things and are in two worlds. The two worlds are known as "Yeeb – Ceeb, which is the land of the spirits and the Yaj – Ceeb, that is the world of human beings, material objects and nature." (Owens, 2007) The shaman is important as they can make contact with the spirit world and often call upon a certain spirits…

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  • The Spirit Catches You

    The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down written by Ann Fadiman is about a Hmong child, Lia Lee, that has epilepsy. Lia Lees’ story shows the importance of communication in the medical profession dealing with different cultures. Yer, Lia’s older sister, slammed a door which triggered Lia’s first seizure. Quag dab peg or “the spirit catches you when you fall down” is the diagnosis that her parents gave her illness. The Lee family believed in spiritual healing rather than prescribed medication…

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Theory Analysis

    more harm than good, then the client might be feeling anxious or scared and their behavior might be to leave before treatment, or to pull away when the doctor tries to place the stethoscope on their chest. If the Hmong people think that American doctors eat their vital organs and a Hmong patient is told they need surgery, they may feel terrified and their behavior may be to run out of the hospital shortly after they are told. Discussing what a client is thinking and feeling will help to ease…

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  • The Split Horn: The Life Of A Hmong Culture

    Introduction The film The Split Horn The Life of a Hmong Shaman in America focuses on how health and illness is dealt with in the Hmong culture. It is about the life of a Hmong family who moved to Appleton Wisconsin from Laos and how they are adapting to this new place. The journey of a Shaman 's family is explored and it is expressed that they have their own set of traditions in their culture but when this family moved to America it was learned that it is difficult to carry out traditions.…

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  • Similarities Between The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down By Anne Fadiman

    In the Hmong culture, this phrase literally translates to, quag, meaning to fall over with one’s roots still in ground, dab, which refers to a soul-stealing spirit, and peg, to catch or hit. Apparently, since Lia’s older sister Yer slammed the front door of their…

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  • Family Reflection

    between both parties, and knowing what resources the families or students may need. This semester I came to realize that my upbringings will affect how I work with students and their families, if I don’t make a change now. Growing up with traditional Hmong parents, I was taught to not ask questions because it could offend others. Since then, I’ve already kept things…

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