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  • Rationality In Western Culture

    When Hmong patients came into the hospital, their traditions and customary means of healing were ignored by doctors, even when they would not impact the Western medicine being practiced. There was no allowance for the use of homeopathic remedies while in the…

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  • Hmong Culture Analysis

    The Hmong people have endured the persecution and killing of their people. They have experienced the oppression and hardships involved in immigrating to a new country with new customs and new values. It is not a surprise that the Hmong culture is gradually decreasing as time goes by (Nursing 220, 2016). The younger generations growing up in America are not as inclined to learn about the old customs (The Split Horn, 2001). It the future, there will not be many people left to teach the young Hmong…

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  • Hmong Culture Case Study

    For one, the Hmong, with the understanding that showing mental illness as weakness, will usually not seek out counselors to fix their problems. The will first go to the family or, even better, the clan elder. They have their own traditional Hmong practices that they would use. Since the Hmong will count the family as their primary treatment for support, counselors will usually only see the Hmong in the treatment center when referred to by government agencies…

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  • Hmong Parents

    In general, Hmong parents view their child with disabilities differently than their children without disabilities. Xiong (2007) stated that in the society today, education level, competence, and an individual ability are the factors that people called success. In Hmong culture, children who are fast learner are or physical normal are expected for most parents. Hmong parents expect their children to be independent and able to have their own family when they grow up, Xiong (2007) said “this put…

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  • Gran Torino Themes

    Gran Torino is a 2008 American film directed and produced by cinematic veteran Clint Eastwood, who also starred in the film. Clint Eastwood, a recognizable director and actor in Hollywood and political figure, has contributed to over 50 films over his career in Hollywood. Notable acts include Million Dollar Baby, which received the award for Best Picture of 2004 at the 77th Academy Awards, and American Sniper, which was nominated for numerous awards from the Academy Awards and various award…

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  • Asian American Stereotypes In Schools

    Today’s society has placed plenty of stereotypes upon Asian Americans. Labeling them as the model minority, assuming that all Asian Americans are intelligent by nature, seems to be the most common (Szu 2003). These stereotypes have been negatively affecting the growing population of Asian Americans in the school systems, as they are leading to teacher bias. Bias in the classroom can cause teachers to view all their Asian American students as intelligent and assume they are receiving academic…

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  • Film Analysis: Gran Torino

    revolves around the racism concept with the emphasis on two major groups that are Hmong group that are Asian Americans and around the white Americans. The role of white American in the film is of the character Walt who is actually a big follower of the racism and is very firm on his race and always develops mockery nature for the people who belong to other culture. The special emphasis is put on the dark side of Hmong culture and its people and they are portrayed as the bad people of the society…

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  • Personal Narrative: Finding My Cultural Identity

    drifted away from my roots. My parents will always lecture me to not forget my roots and expected me to be the perfect reflection of a Hmong women. I was clueless at that time what they meant. Recently, I started to recognize and had interest in my culture and identity. I’ve been researching on my background, I now understood my parent’s perspective of being Hmong. I realize that the countless lectures and stories of their childhood, was the foundation of helping me in finding my own identity in…

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  • Gran Torino Film Analysis

    Eastwood, as he was also the main character. The main character Walt, as played by Clint Eastwood, befriends a young Hmong boy in what turns out to be a surprising relationship. This film portrayed a significant amount of historical trends of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and it represents certain cultural aspects that were present at the time with both the Hmong people and the average American white male. The Detroit that is portrayed in the movie certainly isn't the Detroit that stands today, and…

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  • Bamboo Ceiling Analysis

    Association. On the other hand, Jeremy Lin is an Asian Americans who has the common physique as a basketball player. Jeremy Lin grew in the American basketball system. In Jeremy Lin’s model minority problem, Maxwell Leung, the author, is talking about the racial discrimination which is derived from racial stereotype in the United States. Asian Americans usually seem “the model minority” to the others. Therefore, people tend to think Asian Americans have less or…

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