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  • Analysis Of Grammatical And Phhonological Properties Of Jordanian Arabic

    unable to find any examples of j at the end of sentences, indicating that contextual neutralization could be occurring at the end of words. As a result, the js at the ends of words could be getting mapped to other consonants in order to satisfy the grammar. One way I could test this hypothesis is by analyzing the adaptation of English lone words that end in y or similar j sounds into Arabic. If the j sound is replaced in the Arabic adaptation, then I would know that contextual neutralization is…

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  • Reflective Essay About Communication

    and feelings to others.The fact that we process language does not always mean that we are communicating well and in a proper manner. Within language there are four key elements: Sounds, words, grammar, and meaning. As a person who speaks multiple foreign languages I have noticed that the element of grammar…

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  • Qualitative Analysis In English

    (NNS) English. The difficulty of English article production attributes to the low production rate of English articles in NNS writings, as compared to that of native speakers of English (NS). This study investigates and analyzes how L2 learners’ L1 grammar has influences on the article production rate and the syntactic patterns associated with it. A qualitative and quantitative study based on corpus linguistics analysis revealed that a corpus of NNS students’ academic writings shows significantly…

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  • What's In This Toothpaste Analysis

    What’s in This Toothpaste is a formal essay and it is an informational essay. This essay has an explicit thesis which is “What’s in this toothpaste” (Bodanis, 10) and the urgency of toothpaste consumers to know what is in their toothpaste. In this essay the author writes about the ingredients that make up toothpaste. An effective example of diction is the very well use of scientific phrases. The author uses scientific phrases such as “a large helping of gummy molecules from seaweed Chondrus…

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  • Write A Narrative Essay About Writing Pros And Cons

    positive qualities: evidence from each module included and outside information presented. Therefore, discussion posts I have presented include both negatives and positives that improve over time in my writing. First, I will apologize for my horrible grammar and plethora of “throughout history..” statements that I often used near the beginning of the course. I take pride in my decent ability to write, but I do not always own up to my inability to proofread. Therefore, I will begin discussing…

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  • Change In Mandelbaum's 'The Metamorphoses'

    Change. As simple as the word may seem, there are many distinct contexts in which the word may be used. This essay will focus on one of Oxford dictionary's many definitions stating that change is a verb meaning “To turn (a thing) into (also to) something else; to convert into”. The inevitability of change is a concept in which Ovid’s characters struggle frequently with. The complete change in form of concrete subjects within the metamorphoses are often the root of the stories’ chaotic tension.…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Growth As A Writer

    started this course at the beginning of the year I had little to no writing experience. I have learned various literary skills and I’m actually very good at literature because of my previous years in English, but my background in basic English and grammar was severely lacking. To say the least I was a very unbalanced writer. Through this English 101 course I have not only grown as a writer in a technical sense but content wise as well. The first essay I wrote was a “remembered event essay”. I…

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  • Talk Show Discourse Analysis

    Formal language or formality is one of aspect in style. In terms of formality, Dewaele & Heylighen (1999) stated that different situational and personality factors are examined which determine the degree of formality in linguistic expression. The differences in using languages, both formal and informal, is called a difference register (Thornborrow and Wareing, 1998). Cyrstal (1991) defines register as "a variety of language defined according to its use in social situations." So, register is…

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  • Phonetics, Phonology And Morphology Essay

    concerned with the universal properties of natural language sound systems (Akmajian, Demers and Harnish, 1979). Morphology The word syntax is adopted from the Greek elements syn, which means together, and tax, which means arranging. Syntax is a level of grammar that refers to the arrangement of words and morphemes in the planning of arrangements such as phrases, clauses, and…

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  • My Strengths And Weaknesses In Writing

    example of this is that I have become aware of my grammar and spelling errors as the semester progressed. I will start with my strengths in writing. A major strength of mine is that I proofread my work as I am writing. After each sentence that I write I reread it and check to make sure it has no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. If the sentence sounds correct I will continue writing, if I notice the sentence has an error, either in grammar or spelling, I will correct the…

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