Shooting An Elephant Language Analysis

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ladies and gentlemen , Today i will be talking about the topic Language and Power. Can anyone tell me , What is language?
“A language is the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.” That’s the definition from the Oxford Dictionary. Now I’m not interested in the surface definition , this is for grade 5 kids in elementary school.
I wanna go in - depth to applying it in real life situations to everything we do. Today for this speech , I will speak to you guys in a language that all of you can understand: English , The Lingua Franca of the world.
When someone speak in the language you understand and are familiarised with , it automatically connects and binds
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People can choose to include or exclude others by the way they speak and their choice of words, speed that they speak in , syntax and accent. All these factors plays a role in how we exert power through language.
Certain power struggle and cultural clash that are being expressed through use of language and how a person expresses a situation.
The well - known writer, George Orwell shot an elephant whilst serving in the Indian Imperial Police in Burma. This event creates the basis for Orwell's essay 'Shooting an Elephant'. Not everyone, believes in the fact that Orwell really did shoot an elephant. Amongst the doubters is one of Orwell's biographers Bernard Crick. During a meeting , Crick expressed his concern and doubt and clarified with Orwell.
In an unambiguous and vigorous response, Brownell argued the fact that Orwell had indeed shot the elephant.
We’re aware that both Crick and Brownell are equally interested in the truth : what actually happened. Brownell did not doubt her husband. In language, the way we express our views, whether we are certain, or less certain, are being portrayed through “
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Many of you would understand the word “racism” , and came across one or two insulting terms used to describe people with different cultural backgrounds ( E.g. African - Americans , Asians , Indians). The main reason why the topic racism is so embedded in people’s mind is the fact that it is so common and you can hear it almost everyday. Everyone on earth should be treated equally , regardless of their race or religion. If it was not for language , It might not have been a big issue. If you think about it , how do you tell if someone is being racist? It’s simple. By their use of words and language. If that particular person uses abusive and insulting languages and phrases, then sorry to say. He/She is being

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