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  • Ice And Fire Analysis

    There are millions of blogs, Youtube accounts, and entire websites dedicated toward creating content by fans for fans. The fan community, r/asoiaf is a forum community based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire (Asoiaf) by George R.R. Martin. Here there is a variety of fan texts created, ranging from carefully crafted theories to fan art. Fans here make new meanings by analyzing the text and trying to figure out what the author is trying to say. They also try to understand how the…

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  • The Rains Of Castamere Analysis

    “The Rains of Castamere” is the ninth episode of season three of the Game of Thrones series. It is in this episode that Robb breaks Frey’s promise by presenting himself to him and at the same time, is not planning to do anything about it. The episode is fascinating to watch, and it involves Danaery, together with her new lover, Ed, planning their attack on the city of Yunkai. Glen does not trust his plans, but Anderson believes him and supports what he intends to do. However, when the day for…

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  • The Overexualization Of Women In Disney's Frozen

    On a random Friday night there is a crowd in front of the movie theatre for the premiere of the newest Avengers. A group of friends streams the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Multiple people pick up George R.R. Martin’s new book in the bookstore. It is no secret that the entertainment industry has a heavy influence on American lives. The media has always been the source of controversy regarding its content. However, there is one issue that continues to occur in…

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  • Alcoholism In Alice Walker's The Gospel Of Mark

    Early in this story, the mother dies and she is surrounded by her three young children. The mother died because she was a drunkard and lost the control of her way and fell on a piece of wood placed beneath her door: “Idleness, sin, and drunkenness had done their miserable work, and the dead mother lay cold and still aimed her wretched children. She had fallen upon the threshold of her own door, in a drunken fit and died in the presence of her frightened little ones” (1). Being jobless, the…

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  • Themes In George R. Martin's A Dance Of Dragons

    “‘Winter,’ said Ser Kevan” (957). After five long books, winter is finally upon the Seven Kingdoms in George R.R. Martin’s A Dance of Dragons, and the mysterious others and their undead horde are posed to swarm over the realm. Unexpecting and unprepared, the Seven Kingdoms is preoccupied with rebellion. The lords of the realm are plotting against one another and, “are feverishly endeavoring to advance their ambitions and ruin their enemies, preferably unto death,” (Orr p.3). These ambitions are…

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  • Martin Satire

    Martin Martin is an American sitcom that aired for five seasons on Fox from August 27, 1992 to May 1, 1997. Reflecting the rising popularity of the Fox network throughout the 1990s. Set in Detroit, the series stars Martin Lawrence in the role of Martin Payne, a jockey with a girlfriend named Gina Waters. As the series progressed, plotlines saw Martin eventually move on to become the host of the talk show Word on the Street, which aired on the small Detroit public-access television station…

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  • The Importance Of Inaugural Addresses

    content of the Inaugural Addresses has also changed. George Washington had to be much more modest, speaking about his personal problems and as much as he would like to rest, his country was calling him. In the beginning with Washington, the issue was that he would be able to turn the presidency…

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  • Analysis Of Erasmus's Coloquies

    Through his Ten Colloquies, Desiderius Erasmus began to develop a way of thinking that Protestant reformers such as Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli, and John Calvin, would eventually mimic and adapt. Erasmus lived and wrote in a period of change, causing his writings to be accepted and built on. Arguably, the reformer who benefited the most from Erasmus’s writings is Martin Luther, the founder of Lutheranism. Other Protestant religions are based off of Luther’s original model, meaning that…

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  • Essay On Protestant Reformation

    When Martin Luther King said “Against this first wall, we will direct our attack”, he was referring to the Three Walls of Romanists in his Ninety-Five thesis against the Catholic Church, not a physical attack. However, Luther’s thesis would trigger the Protestant Reformation which would come to have violent ramifications all over Europe, which brings us to my thesis. Does religion incite or cause conflict? Both warfare and religion are large and diverse subjects, so this essay will look at…

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  • Martin Luther Research Paper

    The Life of Martin Luther From being a homeless beggar to one of the most well known names in the world Martin Luther experienced many walks of lives helping him to do the effective work he did during his life from 1483- 1546. This man made a huge impact not only where he was from in Germany, but globally; we can still see his change today. Through his revolution paper, 95 Theses, he opened the eyes of many to what was happening in the Catholic Church and struck a controversy that would stir the…

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