Game Of Thrones Feminist Analysis

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In the last years there have been several TV series that have succeeded in the media and that have produced a fan phenomenon and one of them is Game of Thrones. Since its launching in 2011, this drama has caught the attention of the public and has become part of the history of television, breaking records in audience, illegal downloads and sells all over the world. The question here is why this simple and vane fiction has attracted such an amount of audience that are willing to see what is going to happen in the next chapter. The answer is simple, the production deals with numerous controversial themes such as incest, sexual violence, misogyny and also how the wanton for power can turn someone into a cold-hearted person that is able to kill someone in order to get everything that they want. Game of Thrones has had a huge impact in our society, it has led to several studies when it comes to …show more content…
In this case it would be senselessness that a production, based on the books of George R.R Martin, which shows an explicit misogyny at the same time has feminist features, despite this is the case of Game of Thrones. The books, hence the TV adaptation, are set in a period similar to the Medieval era, it is similar because the author has created a new fantasy world, in which men had the power and women had to stand behind them being beautiful tools, used by them, in order to achieve power, riches and heirs that could succeed their father when it comes the time. However, season after season the audience can see how men are dethroned and women take charge of the realm and get what they want. They are stronger, wiser, these female characters that George R.R. Martin has created are the ones that have been playing the “game of thrones” all this

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