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  • George Orwell 1984 Analysis

    Aspirations squandered The wise Martin Luther King, Jr.’s expression on freedom is: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed”. Throughout George Orwell’s classic dystopian literary work entitled 1984, Big Brother is synonymous with lack of freedom. In the beginning, O’Brien represents a hope for freedom for Oceania’s society. Winston strongly longs for a rebellion to reform Oceania’s society in result of Big Brother’s oppressiveness. Both…

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  • Let Go Let Gov Analysis

    episode, Cartman believes a pandemic of racial tension is beginning to spread, thus, in a World War Z-like manner, Cartman goes to extreme lengths to stop said pandemic from spreading, including bringing down multiple planes and attempting to kill both George Zimmerman and his friend Token (Parker, “World War Zimmerman”). Cartman’s anxieties about racial tension mirror similar real-world perspectives which theorize that growing anger between races will lead to further violence and damage.…

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  • The Beatles In My Life And Music

    In the 1960’s, Beatlemania swept across North America and Europe, causing the Beatles to receive immense popularity. Their work has become immortalized across the decades because of their melodic tunes and the meanings behind them. Without a doubt, the Beatles are the most recognizable music act of all time. They inspired an entire generation of musicians and united people together for the love of music. Throughout the Beatles’ careers, they have become a symbol of love because of the way…

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  • The Stamp Act: The Power Play In The American Revolutionary War

    happen in history. A group of soldiers with minimum training taking on one of the most powerful military forces at the time, sounds like a plot to a horrible movie directed by Michael Bay. It took a bunch of great people and determined leaders like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, The colonist were able to take out the British Empire and gain independence for all. Tension between the settlers and the British Empire has been rising. The Brits decided to impose the Stamp Act. The Stamp…

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  • The Beatles: The Most Famous And Rock Band In History

    out as a small band performing in private clubs in the U.K., and pretty soon their popularity spread across the entire world. Although there were a few other members during their years active, the original members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles hold the record for having twenty number-one hits on Billboard magazine. They are also the best-selling band in history, with sales estimating over 600 million records worldwide. Because this band was…

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  • Strawberry Studios Case Study

    Strawberry Studios, a stones throw from the TPi office in Stockport, and one of the few UK recording spaces outside of the nations capital, opened its doors for a year-long 50th anniversary tour, and open-days featuring a range of original recording fixtures at Mondiale Publishing. Since its inception in early 1968, Strawberry Studios has been the recording space for a range of big names, such as Paul McCartney, Neil Sedaka, and the Stone Roses, to name but a few of the artists, who recorded at…

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  • Comparison Of I Walked With A Zombie And Night Of The Living Dead

    In both of the films, I Walked with a Zombie from 1943 and George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead from 1968, race and Vodou play a large factor in creating the elements that compose the zombies of the stories. I Walked with a Zombie addressed the complications of white power by representing slaves working in the sugar industry as nothing more than mindless zombies, being manipulated by the white race to conform to their will. Night of the Living Dead also incorporated a wide range of racially…

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  • Identity In Blues Music

    episode of Vinyl, the latest television series by director Martin Scorsese, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, writer Rich Cohen, and producer Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos), desperation stems from obsession, a thirst for a particularly unrefined sound of liberation — that is rock and roll. Drugs are plenty, girls and guys are ready, and the mystical, human connection between…

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  • I Have A Dream Speech Impact

    war: white versus color. In August 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. replied to Governor Wallace segregation speech, when he addressed to the nation with his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech. King supported the civil rights and believed that racial equality needed to happen in order for our country to move…

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  • Muhammad Ali's Boxing Career

    Before Mohammed Ali was Muhammad Ali he was Cassius Marcella clay Jr .Muhammad Ali filled his way to success when his boxing career all started because his bicycle was stolen and a Louisville police officer Joe Martin who was a boxing trainer suggesting that the young Ali should first learn how to fight.18 year old Muhammad who just graduated high school making it to the Rome Olympics came back home to Louisville a gold medalist in 1960 but that joy quickly faded away when he was refused…

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