Muhammad Ali Research Paper

Since 688 BC, in the world of boxing there have been many great boxers. However Muhammad Ali was the absolute best boxer that ever stepped into the ring. His record, hard work, and determination shows that he is the best. Not only was he one of the most popular person during his time he his still the most recognizable man on earth. His success as a boxer is widely respected. He was a champion, a leader, and an artist. His work inside and outside of the of the ring truly makes him “The Greatest of All Time”. Will McDonough said this about Ali “Muhammad Ali is a combination of personality and athlete who is probably better known than any other. He became a great hero”

In 1954 in Louisville, Kentucky Muhammad Ali’s bike was stolen at the age
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His record was the facts. Not an opinion but facts. Facts that proved he was the best. 56 wins and four losses was his record. 56 wins against great boxers. Four losses to great boxers. After competing and winning a gold medal in the Olympics Ali turned to professional boxing. Muhammad Ali did everything he could to win. For example he learned that there are things he could do to create attention for himself. He would often say things before fights to make his opponents worried to fight Ali. Ali was a man of his word. If he said he was going to do something you could bet your money he was going to do it. Ali was also a very confident man before his fights. He would often say, "I am the greatest of all time!" Before fights he would even write poetry to scare his opponents declaring what was going to happen during the fight. One of Ali's most famous quotes before a fight was when he said he was going to, "Float like a butterfly, sting like bee." Many people did not like the confident sayings. Some people would pay to watch his fights hoping he would …show more content…
When Muhammad Ali refused to serve in the military to go to Vietnam he was banned from boxing for three years. But being banned did not stop Ali he came back just as strong if not stronger than before he was banned. Muhammad Ali returned to the ring in 1970. Just as he started the first time, he won. Ali knocked out his first opponent after being banned. He defeated Jerry Quarry in October in Atlanta. When Ali lost it wasn't just to some nobody he lost to quality opponents. One year later after his first win from returning Ali participated in what has been called "Fight of the Century." Ali took on another great fighter Joe Frazier. Frazier and Ali went for 15 rounds and finally Frazier defeated Ali by decision. But it didn't end there. Ali later beat Frazier in a rematch in 1974. Ali was seen as the underdog to his younger, powerful opponent, George foreman. Ali ended defeating Foreman and his critics and once again Ali became the heavyweight champion of the world. His last legendary win was his last Ali took on longtime rival Joe Frazier. The match lasted for 14 rounds until Ali finally emerged

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