The Beliefs Of The Case Of Muhammad Ali In 1967

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Muhammad Ali in 1967 stood up for what he believed in when he refused to be a part of the United States Army, even though it was against the law. Roger Goodell has recently been criticized for what he thinks is the right amount of time to suspend an NFL player for their wrong doings. When Ali and Goodell made these decision’s, they tested people’s ideas, shaped their knowledge and they attempted to build a community through their actions. Ali had no fear when it came to standing up for what he believed in. He took criticism left and right and did not care what people thought of him. He took a stand in 1967 when he rejected to go into the United States Army. As a result to this Ali was convicted of draft evasion, fined $10,000, sentenced to five years in jail as well as losing his boxing titles and banned from boxing for three years. When Ali decided to do this he was testing Americans on how one man’s beliefs are so important. As a result to this he would give people the opportunity to question things that are being done in America. Ali would not go to the Army because of religious beliefs and didn’t want to support a country that did not respect his race as well as to not fight a country that has not done anything wrong to him. Ali talked about how the Vietcong didn’t do anything wrong to him, so why would he fight them. Not only did Ali test people’s ideas he shaped knowledge as well as build a community. He did this when he declined to go to the Army because of the Muslim religion. As a result of this he shaped peoples knowledge showing them that Muslims do not believe in going to the Army. It was a surprise to America that a top world athlete would do this, but it would build a Muslim community, make them …show more content…
Even though their opinions and actions were highly criticized they both followed through with them and made an impact on the people around

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