Beatles History Essay

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The History of the Beatles

The Quarrymen

At the time in 1956, John Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi. Eventually around that time he found his mother. While being around her he was exposed to rock n roll. This made him want to get a guitar. He found a Gallotone Champion which was guaranteed not to break. After learning to play he went to school and asked his school mates to form a band. After a while they agreed and called themselves: The Quarrymen. They got their first concert in 1956 at the local fair. He sang "Come Go With Me" when Paul McCartney just happened to go to the fair the same day. A mutual friend brought Paul to meet John after the concert. According
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According to George many years later, “I thought no one would be there. It would be just us getting off the plane and thats it… but was I wrong.” As soon as they got off they were greeted by over 3000 fans screaming for them. Two days later they played one of the most famous concerts of all time. February 9, 1964, they played on the Ed Sullivan show to over 78 million people for the first time. It was because of the Beatles the cameramen had to get soundproof headsets so they could hear the instructions by the instructor over the screaming. It was so big of a concert they did a 50th anniversary concert just for that night. The Beatles best year was 1964. It was the year they had multiple number one hits, 3 number 1 albums, a movie, and they all got MBEs. They released their next album ‘With The Beatles’ right before they came to America in late 1963 with hits listed as “All My Loving” and “Roll Over Beethoven”. Then just a few months later they release another album which became a big hit, “A Hard Day’s Night”. This album had two number ones entitled as “A Hard Days Night” and “Cant Buy Me Love”. When John wrote the song “You Cant Do That”, he planned on it being an A side to their new single until Paul came up with “Cant Buy Me …show more content…
Just after releasing Rubber Soul they release another album that makes it into the top 10 best albums of all time. This was a psychedelic album by them that was very different than usual. George wrote 3 songs on this album including the opening song “Taxman”. This album had an 8 month difference which was the longest gap between a record release by them. Revolver is known as the 3rd best album of all time according to the Rolling Stones magazine. Around then the Beatles were due for another single that wasn’t part of the album. After a while they came up with two singles. The first one’s A side was “Day Tripper” and the B side was “We Can Work It Out” even though the B side became a number 1 too. The second single’s A side was “Paperback Writer” and the B side was “Rain”. “Rain” was the first song to have a backwards recording in it which had never been done before. Both became #1s. Later that month, they played at Candlestick Park. They had to be taken out on an empty armored truck and they finally decided after that concert they were done. They weren’t going to deal with this anymore. They quit playing on stage and were just going to focus on working in the

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