Album Review: Help ! By The Beatles

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Album Review One For my first album review I decided to use the album Help! by The Beatles. I chose this because everybody has heard of the Beatles and this class has increased my interest in older rock music. I was embarrassed by the little I knew about great bands of rock history. I used this assignment as an excuse to force myself to really dive in to The Beatles. The Beatles started in England around the late 50’s as a band that played in taverns and bars to make ends meet. In the early 60’s The Beatles were discovered and instantaneously people were addicted. The Beatles mainstream career persisted from about 1962 to 1970, achieving 27 number one hits. Twenty seven number one hits in eight years expresses how popular The Beatles were during this time period. Even today The …show more content…
The lyrics of the song explain how Lennon has a girl who he is willing to do anything for, but just doesn’t seem to care or be completely interested. He goes on saying that the girl is “driving him mad” with her indecision of whether she wants to have a serious relationship or just fool around, and essentially is playing with his emotions. The song also has a guitar bridge where they use call and response with vocals and then responds with a guitar riff. The song “Help!” is also one of the more notable tracks on the album and uses call and response vocals effectively in the intro to the song. Lennon is asking for help while McCartney and Harrison respond with saying that they need someone and not just anyone. The song’s lyrics are about how Lennon needs help with something and can only call on that one special person to help him in this time of need. This song as well as many others on the album uses a verse/chorus form that had become popular in music at this time. The last call for help in the chorus uses a 3-part harmony to add a sound of fullness and

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