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  • How Does Fashion Affect Self Esteem

    fashion takes various meanings from school uniforms to designer clothing. Sempele and Mugalaivai (2012) wondered if a person’s views on school uniforms affected their self-esteem. They hypothesized that there was no relationship between the independent variable, school uniforms and…

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  • The Fashion Gallery Analysis

    Kamila Kilian KIL15457275 MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism Year 2 Historically, „fashion seemed „unworthy” of entering the museum" (Steele, V., 2008, p. 9), therefore fashion exhibition 's curators have faced many challenges throughout their work process - funding, educational values, sources of entertainment. All of these factors have a huge impact on the final result as well as the reviews of the exhibitions, and they may challenge their design and content. In her article Rocamora…

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  • The Importance Of Students Wear Uniforms In School

    Students should wear uniforms to school. In many schools all over the world, wearing uniform to school is compulsory for students. However, other schools do not implement this rule as a part of the decision from teachers, parents, and students. They think that wearing uniform is not the main concern of education. Instead of that, schools should focus more on the quality of teaching and learning process. Furthermore, they believe that it wastes money for schools to spend on uniform, as the fund…

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  • The Importance Of Fashion Photography

    Fashion photography is a big deal in they world we live in. They definition of fashion is a popular trend. Fashion photography is one of the many types of photography in the world. Many things go into fashion and photography combined, for example in fashion you need fashion designers,sponsors, advertisement, models,etc, and in photography you need photographers, shoot site, creativity and need to talk to the fashion designer about their ideas. In todays society fashion photography influences…

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  • Sustainability In The Textile Industry

    Section 1: Definitions & Short Questions 1.1 Fibers can be divided into 2 main categories: Manufactured fibers (Synthetic fibers and Regenerated fibers) and Natural fibers, but a fiber has still the same composition in both: A fiber is a material that is hair-like, longer than it is wide and fibers can be identified by their flexibility and being able to be spun into yarn or made into fabrics. 1.2 Staple fibers can be defined as natural fibers that can be twisted to form properties of yarn.…

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  • The Importance Of Fashion On The Environment

    Fashion is believed to have a noticeable role in the modern world. It consumes and generates big incomes for countries and it is a huge industry by itself. Many governments, companies, organizations, global brands and even princesses are making approaches towards improvement in fashion. The challenge lies in making it more sustainable, which can only be possible if it achieves an environmentally-friendly production that will have an effect on the environment, the available resources and creates…

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  • Symbolic Consumption In Fashion

    China and ASOS Marketplace in the UK is some of the favourable platforms of Hong Kong customers to shop. Besides, group shopping, mobile retailing is also prevalent in Hong Kong. The customers in Hong Kong prefer buying private label on their daily clothing, they are not only want the product is comfort or value for money, but also started to become more aware of the social issues when make purchase, such as sustainable fashion, eco-friendly and ethical problems. 2.4. 1 Feminism in Hong Kong…

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  • Reasons Why Students Wear School Uniforms

    Why should students wear school uniform? School uniforms are turning into a well-known pattern amongst schools. Students became more interested in what they wear at school more than what they will learn. Therefore, schools nowadays requiring students to wear school outfits to let them focus on the main goal that they came to do. Wearing school uniforms effects not only students, but their parents and teachers in a good way that make the school life easier and enjoyable. According to…

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  • Importance Of Pattern Making

    Procedure of Pattern Making The importance and necessity of pattern maker in apparel industry is inexpressible. A pattern maker can convert fashion designers imagination to the materialized. A pattern maker is he who makes garment pattern based on Fashion designers/Design team provided idea/sketch. The sustainable of a design mostly depends on pattern makers expertise, efficiency and capability. As we know the fabric cost of a garment is required 50% (percent) of total value. So, if 1% fabric…

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  • Mycerinus And His Queen Analysis

    Throughout time art has been the main connection between the many generations of people who have roamed earth. Slight and noticeable contours in varying pieces of art tell stories of royalty, reveal the nuances between different culture and present historical facts. Egypt, a country that has literally and figuratively been painting pictures of their world through art since the start of time, have many particular pieces of art that tell more than just seen. The sculpture Mycerinus and his queen,…

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