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  • Essay Against School Uniforms

    One of the proceeding arguments that parents and school officials talk about is school uniforms. There are many reason that school uniforms are great for children and teens. It helps parents with clothing expenses, it reduces bulling and teasing and it reduces competition among peers. It set precedence in school because it is giving a sense of unity among peers and classmates. This makes the student feel as one, not body is better than the other and this leaves every student feel accepted. Of…

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  • Dionyysus Leaning On A Female Figure Analysis

    The most fascinating thing about art is the difference and diversity between works of art. The drastic uniqueness of arts between periods is something that is interesting to look at because one gets to see how much changes can be made due to cultural influences and time. After visiting the Met and seeing the works of art in person, I have chosen the Statute of Dionysus Leaning On A Female Figure and the Standing Buddha Offering Protection to explore in depth. The Standing Buddha Offering…

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  • Why Do Schools Wear Uniforms

    Wouldn’t you like to save money, avoid humiliation, already be prepared for a job, and have pride in something? If you were to think about it, these are actually a few of the ingredients needed for a happy and successful life; so why not prepare our children for such a life? I remember when I was young, around the age of 16, year 2004, a freshman in high school, Miami-Dade County Public Schools District enforced an official mandatory dress code policy stating that every school which falls under…

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  • Why Is It Important To Raise A Child

    actions as they grow up. The responsibilities of raising a child need to be considered carefully parents need to prepare the child to survive in a society with the skills and knowledge from their upbringing. The cost of children has increased with clothing to the toys. Toys have evolved…

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  • School Uniforms Argumentative Essay

    Some students can't afford the expensive clothes and this may cause others to pick on them. According to the article "12 Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniforms", "Many students who are unable to afford the newest fashions or name brand clothing are ostracized and made fun of. School uniforms puts everyone on an even playing field and prevents this type of bullying from happening." This goes to show that this type of bullying would not be an issue anymore if we use uniforms. School…

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  • Analysis Of Gender Stereotypes In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    In society today, it is easy to judge an individual solely off of the way that they look. Whether it is the clothes that they are wearing, the color skin that they were born with, or even, the gender that they have always possessed. These attributes cause a preconceived label to be placed upon his or her identity. These stereotypes have been around for as long as one can remember, and as simple as it may seem, they are nearly impossible to break. Because of such a concept, society has molded…

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  • Winter Hats Research Paper

    the man with winter hat Winter headgear. For the men, hat (or beanie hat as now appears to be called), cap or hat. Which material you choose? About the hat, I do not have much to say. Nice and warm, sporty and easy to put in your pocket. Perhaps clever to invent any materials you have on your head to many. Do it quickly warm? Can you stand the tickling of wool? If you answer 'yes and no', then look for a cap of synthetic material. Or maybe a combination of the two materials a solution for you…

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  • Narrative Essay On Dance College

    “I have a dream to be a ballerina, mom! I would wear a tutu everyday! I look like a princess!” “You can’t be a ballerina, Naomi. They have a long straight legs. Unfortunately, you have inherited your father’s bowlegged, and you are also pigeon-toed.” This is my first time I felt frustration, and something bad feeling toward to my mom. I was a five years old. “Why she doesn’t encourage me? Why she doesn’t want me to challenge my dream before I start the training?” Actually, I just wanted wear a…

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  • Victorian Era Dress History

    My object is found at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England, filed under no. T. 113-1964. It is from the 19th century to early 20th century, around the 1800s, and is made for a woman. It is a deep purple color, and is made of satin. It is a dress of the Victorian age, one of the many styles that went in and out of fad during that time. This particular dress was a style going on during 1860s-1890, at the beginning of the time the fullness of the very large crinoline, a stiffened…

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  • Film Analysis: The True Cost

    at work fit for no human. The makers of the documentary, “The True Cost”, show successfully the struggle and hardships these workers face.While watching the film you can see how the producer and director were building their arguments against big clothing companies who put their workers through such a terrible struggle. The Trust Cost, displays powerful images and video of first hand accounts of abuse and death. They also give a character for the watcher to relate to so it makes it easier to…

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