Freedom to make healthcare choices

  • Persuasive Health Care

    I believe health care should be a choice that a person makes. In this day in time people are forced or punished if they do not have health care. The affordable Healthcare program is met to reduce healthcare spending so that people can use the money in other places. I think this health care policy does not help American in the way it should and that we should have more freedom of choice when it comes down to being force to have health care. In 2014 the ACA required most American have some sort of health plan or pay a fine. As stated in the Affordable care act “people who do not purchase insurance under the individual mandate will be subject to a fine of either $95 or 1 percent of a person’s taxable income the first year, whichever figure is larger. The fine will gradually increase to $695 or 2.5 percent of a person taxable income by 2016”. The Health care program is met to help improve the quality of healthcare. Although, health care is a good thing to have I believe people should be able to choose if it works for their family. The program also require business owners to provide healthcare for all employees or they will be penalized. In 2010 the health care legislation require all jobs to offer insurance and required that every person had medical insurance by 2014.(ACA) Healthcare now and what it uses to be has taken a different face. Today’s healthcare is higher than ever and it does not seem like it matches what people make. I never thought I would be forced to get…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Universal Healthcare

    Abstract My paper is comparing the healthcare system in France to the healthcare system we have in the United States. We need to look at France’s healthcare and other countries with universal healthcare and ask ourselves “Is it sustainable?” Is it feasible?” “Will it provide for those who don’t have insurance and help those that do?” The results show universal healthcare is usable, but there have to be guidelines, who it covers, what it covers, and what improvements need to be made to make it…

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  • Equality In Marx And Nozick's Argument For Equality

    Marx and Nozick make compelling arguments against inequality, however, their arguments fall short when compared to arguments in favour of equality. Equality is a level of impartiality either in services or wealth for citizens to provide fair opportunities. Citizens have some uniform treatment by the state in order to remove barriers between individuals. These contentions vary between levels of intrusive means; they allow more or less freedom for citizens. More equality stems from more intrusion,…

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  • Nurse Autonomy: Freedom Of Role And Control In Nursing Practice

    simply means the fundamental freedom of choice and independence. Many of us will not go beyond those words and understand how it can be applied in a medical setting. Patient autonomy is the right of a patient to make decisions about their individual medical care without the influence of their healthcare provider. This concept is put in place because it gives an individual the freedom to choose their course of treatment, whether the healthcare professional’s own values conflict with it or not.…

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  • Importance Of Autonomy In Health Care

    means your fundamental freedom of choice and independence. They do not often go beyond those words and understand how it can relate in a medical setting. Patient autonomy is the right of patients to make decisions about their medical care without their healthcare provider trying to influence their decision. This is put in place because it gives an individual the freedom to choose their course of treatment whether the healthcare professional’s values conflict with it or not. Without autonomy,…

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  • The Importance Of Euthanasia In Nursing

    Nurses provide patient care while staying within legal and ethical boundaries. Each nurse has different values that they live and provide care by. Nurses often face moral distress in the healthcare field. Ethical dilemmas can cause a healthcare provider or nurse to feel anguish and moral distress when providing care. Dilemmas such as reproductive rights, patient freedom, honesty vs. information, the right to die, and euthanasia can make a nurse evaluate their own values and beliefs. The…

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  • Get Em Out Of The Shed Analysis

    Get ‘Em Out of the Shed After reading “Get Em Out of the Shed” I started to think of my encounter with the healthcare system. Although I have never been to the hospital for anything as serious as the main character in the article, I can say I’ve felt like a box to check off on a to do list rather that a patient before. Reading this article motivates me to assure that no matter how tired I get, or how mundane work gets to not let the treatment I give be only focused on efficiency. One think I…

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  • Ethical Principles In Medical Ethics And Health Law

    analyze, evaluate, and make rational decisions. These goals include: respect for autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice. Ethical principles are vitally important in medical ethics and health law. The goals that each theory has helped medical professionals become better people and professionals. The theories make healthcare providers understand and think about the situations at hand and come up with logical and morally correct responses. It is relevant that all healthcare providers…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Ban On Advertising

    that if a substance is addictive, as is the case with nicotine, then once the addiction is ‘set’ there is little further choice. Once an addiction is formed, the victim will put an unrealistic value on the consumption of the substance, and will do things out of character, even criminal, to acquire it. Perhaps if there were positive benefits to the addiction, perhaps it would be easier to defend. The government is aware a population that smokes will cost more and be less productive (and…

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  • Ethical Issues Of Obama Care

    America, land of the free, home of the brave, and the best country in the world, but not perfect. The United States is a country that stands on freedom and the protection of human rights. However, America’s healthcare system contains many ethical issues that the country has yet to completely resolve. But when did things become so corrupt and fueled by financial greed? Just like any other country, the purpose of the healthcare system is to provide every citizen with quality medical treatment when…

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