The Importance Of Euthanasia In Nursing

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Nurses provide patient care while staying within legal and ethical boundaries. Each nurse has different values that they live and provide care by. Nurses often face moral distress in the healthcare field. Ethical dilemmas can cause a healthcare provider or nurse to feel anguish and moral distress when providing care. Dilemmas such as reproductive rights, patient freedom, honesty vs. information, the right to die, and euthanasia can make a nurse evaluate their own values and beliefs. The right-to-die and euthanasia both have been subjects of many debates all over the world for many years. The right-to-die is considered the right to refuse extraordinary measures that extend someone’s life when they are terminally ill. Euthanasia is administering …show more content…
Euthanasia is often deemed morally good considering the patient’s autonomy. According to Kahl, a good death can be considered an autonomous death (Quaghebeur, 2009). The literature studied also indicated that euthanasia can conflict with a nurse’s autonomy. Nurses are not responsible to fulfill every wish a patient request. Nurses and patients both must have the opportunity to practice their autonomy. Quaghebeur also points out that euthanasia ultimately ends the autonomy of the patient (2009). Nurses who do not accept euthanasia often point to the principle of non-maleficence. Healthcare providers who partake in euthanasia of a patient are ultimately causing irreversible damage to them. Although patients who do request euthanasia are often suffering or terminally ill, the healthcare provider is not causing them that harm. Is refusing a patient the choice-to-die causing them harm? The profession of nursing is often considered morally good. Nurses often act as patient advocates and practice beneficence. In Quahebeur’s article, they examine quality of life arguments (2009). Many argue that the quality of life and its dignity are worth more than the length of life. Others argue that nurses and physicians can’t really determine if a life is worth living or not. Justice is also another medical principle that the article looks into (Quaghebeur, 2009). Many people consider that euthanasia is a form of

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