Summary of The Importance of Being Earnest

  • Juvenile Delinquency Case Study

    Consider the following: 1. Are juvenile offenders usually found among children from broken homes or large unhappy poor families? 2. Is being unemployed anlmportant enough reason to push somebody onto the path of crime? 3. What would you say about disillusionment, loss of faith in the surrounding grown-up world as a possible reason for juvenile delinquency? 4. Speak on the vital role of drug addiction and alcohol consumption in the growing crime rate in general and in juvenile delinquency in particular. 5. Below is an interview with a judge on crime and punishment. The judge says why he gives help in some cases and punishment in others. a) Work in groups of 3 or 4 and assign different opinions on the problem of the punishment to each member of the group: Interviewer. Are there ever times when you just feel desperate, you know, you realize there's absolutely nothing that can be done for this person? Judge: Oh, yes, very often. Interviewer. And what do you do in such cases? Judge: Well, it depends how anti-social their action has been. If a person needs help one wants to give it to him or her, but on the other hand you always have to consider at the same time: the effect on society in general of too much kindness to too many…

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