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  • Benefits Of Human Trafficking

    trafficking for sexual exploitations; Organizations like Dasra explains that [the] reason why sex trafficking persists is straightforward: immense profitability with minimal risk. A net profit margin of over 70 percent makes sex trafficking one of the most profitable businesses in the world. It is becoming increasingly easy and inexpensive to procure, move and exploit vulnerable girls. As stated before, victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation come from countries…

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  • Feminism In Sports

    most useful perspective. Statistics show that there is gender inequality among many sporting disciplines in the United States, affecting not only women but also men. Also, there is a vast exploitation in the sporting industry, making a profit of sportsmen and consumers. Moreover, gender inequality and exploitation overlap in numerous sporting disciplines. In this piece, I will present the evidence to support my observations. First, considering the feminist theory, I have found that the gender…

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  • Useless Film Analysis

    Useless by Jia Zhang-ke is a film like nothing I have ever seen before. The film is one in which Zhang-ke explores the many realities of Chinese culture; the culture that the Chinese receive from elsewhere, the culture that has been created by the exploitation of the working class, and Chinese culture from the perspective of the outsider (the viewer). By exploring three features of the clothing industry in China, Jia delicately explores the monetary and imaginative options of not just factory…

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  • Magical Urbanism Summary

    the US has followed the same experience as those of Latin Americas relation with the US since many face the racial bias against them such as the scandal from Steven Woods death, the exploitation of immigrants seen through the maquiladoras and the emphasize of US customs being superior to that of Hispanic…

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  • Dystopian Texts In Kazuo Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go'

    contemporary vieweres. ONe of the most prevalent aspects of the typical Dystopia is advanced technology, a characteristics which is becoming increaseingly true for our world. Composers of Dystopian texts aim to bring attention to the political exploitation of individuals, and it is the similarity between Dystopian worlds and our own which allows for the conveyance of this idea so effectively. Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go is a modern example of a text which explores this idea. Ishiguro…

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  • Prostitution In America

    complained about red light districts to government officials and turned it to a state issue which further caused the government to get involved. The criminalization of prostitution led to a shift from semi-safe houses and brothels to male dominated exploitation of women. The power the women and the madam had disappeared because they needed further protection from police and street harassment. It was easy for prostitutes to turn to “both pimps and organized crime. In both cases, the physical…

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  • Difference Between Globalisation And Americanisation

    Globalisation shapes our lives nowadays. However, the definition of the concept of ‘globalisation’ is not indisputable. As Pieterse (2009) suggested, ‘globalisation invites more controversies than consensus’. (Pieterse, 2009, pp.8) Some even mix globalisation up with Westernisation and Americanisation. According to Tony Spybey, ‘Western civilisation is the first truly global civilisation, with Americanisation being its most visible and dynamic manifestation’. (Baracco, 2006, pp25) It is…

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  • Sex Trafficking Proposal

    Objective Human sex trafficking is the illegal movement or use of people against their will for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The amount of human sex trafficking has varied in various parts of the world. It can be associated with prostitution and forced labor, therefore, specific data on sex trafficking can be inconclusive depending on where it is located. In a 2007 trial, Statistica found that 61.9% of all trafficked victims were sexually exploited and 31.4% were subjected to forced…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Mean Spirit By Linda Hogan

    An Ecofeminist Critical Approach to Linda Hogan’s Mean Spirit Mona A. M. Ahmed Zagazig University, Egypt Key words: literature, Linda Hogan, Mean Spirit, ecofeminism, oppression. The aim of the present paper is to attempt an ecofeminist critical approach to Linda Hogan's novel, Mean Spirit (1990), which is actually an application of the fundamental ecofeminist critical principles.…

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  • Karl Marx Vs Adam Smith Essay

    of free market and liberal trade policiess, division of labour and self interest. In the other corner holding the golden sickle, we have Karl Marx. The father of Communism, he authored Das Kapital, applying his theory of history to explain class exploitation and calling for an inevitable class revolution that would occur half a century after his death. A battle that still rages on from death, though modified and developed over time, the ideas of these two classical economists still stand in…

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