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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Through Christianity

    My journey through Christianity began when I was a young boy. I was born into a family of devout Catholics deriving from my father’s side. My father even went to and graduated from a Catholic school. So from a young age I was taught the importance of God in our life. However, my mother’s side was not as religious. I feel that they believed there was a higher power that guided them, but they didn’t go to church or worship regularly. So following the Catholic doctrine, my mother took…

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  • Eucharist: A Comparative Analysis

    the religion and find connection to God. Although the three religions have different rituals, they all set aside a time to devote their selves to God. In this paper I will argue that the Jewish Sabbath, Muslim Ramadan, and Christian performance of Eucharist are all setting a time where the followers of these religion could perform rituals to feel connected to God. Judaism takes forth the importance of time directly from the Book of Genesis.…

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  • Theo 60250: Martyrdom Analysis

    Michele Gelaude Friday, June 26, 2015 THEO 60250: Intro to Early Church Themes within the Martyrdom of Saint Polycarp Martyrdom, having its prominence during the third and fourth centuries, lasted for approximately 300 years under many different rulers. Emperors were intolerant toward Christianity and responded by putting Christians on trial, asking them to deny their faith or lose their life. The Christian martyrs who clung to their Christian faith showed the Spirit at work with…

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  • Church Observation Paper

    One the morning of Wednesday October 5, 2016 I attended a catholic mass in St. Brigids Parish in Amherst, Ma, just a few minutes off from the UMass Amherst Campus. This Parish stands with a lot ground, tall and massive. Is very distinctive from the building around, it’s built almost entirely of bricks for the outside and its architecture is complemented the massive windows. This ritual took place at 8:00 in the morning. The people who attended this service were few. There was around twelve…

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  • Essay On Catholic Funeral Customs

    Catholic Funeral Customs Human beings are scared of the unknown. We also don’t like to get out of our comfort zone or learn a religion that we do not practice. Those are normal traits for a human being. Here at Shipman Funeral Home we serve families no matter what the level of discomfort or disbelief we may have towards a person’s religion or beliefs. Today at the funeral home we had a family walk in and ask for our services, we later learned this family was Catholic. Jason Shipman the funeral…

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  • Critical Reflection: The Call To Be A Christian

    Critical Reflection 1 The call to be a Christian is unique to the individual who chooses to follow the word of the Lord and bring Christ into their life. For some, they could have grown up in a Christian household and took upon their parent’s beliefs; others may have not been looking for their faith in God, but rather stumbled upon it unknowingly. My path to Christ is unique because I was raised in a Catholic-household, meaning I went through my First Communion and Confirmation, but I still…

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  • Service Learning Experience Papers

    For my Service Learning Project I decided to attend mass at a local Catholic church. I am interested in Catholicism as I have a few family members who are Catholic. Plus a significant amount of my classmates in this religion course were Catholic so I wondered what it was all about. I am not that familiar with Catholicism as I have only attended a few masses in my life for baptisms, weddings, funerals and such. I personally was saved in a non-denomination church and have continued to attend a…

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  • Four Marks Of The Church Essay

    One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. We say these terms at every mass. Do you know what they really mean, or do you just say them because you know it is what you say? These terms are actually the four marks of the Church. These four marks summarize the Church’s features and mission and accomplish this through the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is our duty as baptized Catholics to live out these marks every day. Now, the Church never said it would be easy, but they do give us great role…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Mercy Hill Church

    The site that I visited was Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro, NC. I went to a sermon, with some friends, that took place on a Sunday night. When we arrived at the church, we stayed together and observed the site. The members of this church all seemed to be within their twenties and thirties; there were a few younger children and a few older women and men, but not many. Most of these people seemed to be from Christian ethnic backgrounds or just unaffiliated with any ethnicity. The service was very…

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  • Essay On Catholic Funeral Service

    This assignment led me to a Catholic funeral. I attended this service in the town I live in. The service was for the grandmother of one of my youth in my youth group. Many of the group attended and for most of us it was quite different than anything we had been to before. I attend a Christian Church. I will be honest I had many reservation about attending this service and also had many questions after this service. As I approached the Church it was quite beautiful. I loved the stain glass…

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