My Religious Experience

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The world is filled with people who come from many different cultures and countries. It is filled with different races, languages, political ideas and religions. Oftentimes these many differences come with a great deal of contention and misunderstandings, especially in the case of religion. As there are so many different religious views throughout the world, it can seem extremely difficult find the common ground between religions. But as we work to find common ground and strive to understand the beliefs of other faith, our eyes can be opened to the light that God has made available to all of His Children. We will be able to
Visiting the Worship Service of Another Faith
Experiencing a worship service of another faith can be quite an awkward
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After Mass, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to a man named Karl. As we engaged in discussion, Karl helped answer questions about Catholicism that I did not understand, made further connections between faiths and shared how his religion affected his relationship with Christ. To me, there is no greater witness to the light and truth a religion hold then to see how it influences the actions of the members. I learned that as a Catholic, you have an obligation to attended mass as it is central to the relationship they have with Christ. In addition to that, however, he shared how preparing for coming to mass allows you to receive what is shared. Karl shared how he and his girlfriend would read from quotes and meditations from Pope Francis and how that helped them grow their relationship together and with Christ. I was able to make a strong connection with this as I compared it to how my relationship with Christ grows as I attended my own Church and as I study the words of the scriptures and prophets with my family. Karl was also able to explain how Catholics maintain the idea that while Christ was on the earth, he instigated the priesthood and how through St. Peter there is an unbroken chain in the

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