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  • 1.1 Reflection Questions

    Seminar 1 Reflection Questions To make our time together as productive and efficient as possible, please reflect on the following questions and email your responses to Dr. West and Dr. Clauhs by Tuesday, 9/13. 1. How much of your teaching opportunity/experience is indeed student-centered? Why? Since this is Block 1 and the beginning of the school year, a lot of the first few days of school has involved work outside of playing music and rehearsing, including things such as organizing the band room, assembling music and folders, and going over handbooks and general classroom rules and regulations. Teaching at the school year really made me realize how much a band director has to do outside of actually teaching the students. A lot goes into preparation to ensure smooth, organized rehearsals, and most of the time, no matter how much you do to prepare, something will still go wrong. After a few days of administrative work and “boring band director stuff,” all of the ensembles are now playing in their rehearsals. I started working with the percussion sections in both periods of Concert Band, which is an ensemble made up of only freshmen. I have also observed my co-op as he works with the freshmen woodwind and brass sections during both periods in setting up a routine and working tone quality, balance, blend and intonation. I just started conducting the Wind Ensemble, which is the highest-level ensemble at the high school, and the Symphonic Band, working on warm-ups and one…

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  • Gender In A Marching Band Analysis

    Also the clarinet players had the stereotype of being the nerdy type of people. Even though some say they are skilled. So I decided to ask Oliver and Sandy Cartagena about their opinions. I first sat down with Oliver Cartagena, since I wanted to know what his perspective was about band before talking with Sandy. We are in his outside patio sitting across from each other. I started off by asking him, Can you tell me what grade you are in, and what instrument do you play? Also how long you have…

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  • Toy Story 3 Analysis

    section, which sits right in front of the composer; a woodwind section that sits behind the strings; a brass section that sits behind them; and a percussion section which may sit or stand behind them. The strings consists of, in descending order of pitch: violins, violas, cellos, basses and harps. These instruments have strings that must be plucked with the fingers or with a bow. The woodwinds consists of instruments that must be blown into to play, often with the aid of a double or single reed.…

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  • Divided Together: An Open Work

    project under consideration, titled Divided Together: An Open Work, was created with a focus on an issue affecting every person in this country, gun violence, through the lens of gender. The piece achieves this focus by using direct material and references on the issue, while also conveying an aesthetic atmosphere of conflict and tension. Though the piece is rather free/open in certain aspects of its sound and execution, at the basis of the construction are a few keys ideas. One of them is the…

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