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  • The Sacraments Of Initiation, And Eucharist

    Initiation, Vocation, and healing we will talk about these categories later. Mass, Liturgy, and Eucharist all mean ritual service in essence however, their Greek and Latin meanings do differ. The priest wears different articles of clothing to symbolize different meaning, the Alb for purity, the cincture for modesty chastity and…

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  • Holy Eucharist Poster Analysis

    The Holy Eucharist is the focal point in spiritual nourishment in the Catholic life. By deeply analysing the symbols utilized in the poster promoting the Eucharist we can receive and insight into the reason why the Eucharist is of such significance to the Catholic life. The Golden Chalice situated as the focal point of the poster represents the glass in which Jesus instituted his blood at the last supper to his disciples. The Chalice is a visual representation of the Last Supper. The Chalice…

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  • Eucharist: Holy Communion, And Confession

    write about two terms each from Christianity and Islam I will also include photos related to each term. The terms I chose for Christianity are Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion, and Confession. The Islamic terms I chose to talk about are Ramadan and Salat. I am first going to write about the Christianity terms and then the Islamic terms. The Eucharist or Holy Communion is to commemorate the Last Supper and it occurs during church mass. The Last Supper is the last meal Jesus had with his…

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  • Sacraments In Saint John Chrysostom Of The Eucharist

    “The chief place in Christian worship belongs to the sacraments or, as they are called in Greek, the mysteries. ‘It is called a mystery,’ writes Saint John Chrysostom of the Eucharist, ‘because what we believe is not the same as what we see, but we see one thing and believe another ... When I hear the Body of Christ mentioned, I understand what is said in one sense, the unbeliever in another’ (Homilies on 1 Corinthians, 7:1 (P.G. 61, 55)). This double character, at once outward and inward, is…

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  • Thomas Cranmer's Presence Of Christ In The Eucharist

    contended that Thomas Cranmer’s thoughts on the presence of Christ in the Eucharist had wavered throughout his time as a theologian, and that his writings are somewhat ambiguous when it comes to addressing this important theological topic. A great number of academics agree that Cranmer is not overly notable for his clarity in writing and concede that this ambiguity, especially on his writings of the presence in the Eucharist, is due to the long and the uneven evolution of his understanding of…

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  • The Eucharist Essay

    This becomes evident through dogmatic and liturgical changes in the Church. Nothing better exemplifies this than the changing role of the Eucharist. Without much time having been passed since the death and resurrection of Christ, no official doctrine of Eucharistic theology exists for the early Church. Instead, the Eucharist speaks more to the internal fulfillment symbolized by the self-giving nature of Christ through his death. Each day becomes a blessing when God loves his people…

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  • Catholic Church Comparison

    Church and a service at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, and the similarities and differences that I observed were extremely intriguing. Both services recite similar prayers, like the Nicene Creed and Our Father, and they celebrate the Eucharist during mass. While the Orthodox Church is demographically Greek, the Catholic Church represents a large white population, and they both show incredible hospitality toward newcomers. The Orthodox Church is dome-shaped and houses many…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Baptism

    Since Christ is present under the appearances of bread and wine in a sacramental way, the Eucharist is undoubtedly a sacrament of the Church. In the Eucharist, the definition of a Christian sacrament as "an outward sign of an inward grace instituted by Christ" is verified. The second of the two, baptism, is not as easy to see as a sacrament as the Eucharist. Some Christians see baptism as necessary for salvation, while others see it as a sign of the covenant of grace. If…

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  • Analysis: The Paschal Meal

    The Paschal Meal Hippolytus brings out the link between the sacraments of initiation and the Eucharist being the summit. Also, the sacrament of penance reaches its peak in the Eucharist, hence, the central sacrament is the Eucharist. The understanding of the Passover for the primitive church and the Jewish paschal ritual has to be clarified. Roland de Vaux thinks that the origin of the Passover ritual is from the nomadic shepherds who offered young animal for the well-being of their flocks.…

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  • Early Christian Traditions

    bread” that was the ultimate in worship. They considered that the most important part. In these early days those who had not been baptized were not allowed communion. Services would be held and before the part of the service called the Agape and Eucharist took place the catechumens were asked to leave. Catechumens were those preparing to be baptized which took years learn all they needed to know. They were made to learn all that Jews knew before they were baptized. Not just a confession of…

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