The Sacraments Of Initiation, And Eucharist

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The Sacraments are agreed upon by most sources to be signs from God to confer grace. They are sacred symbols of the relationship between God and mankind. They communicate a meaning beyond themselves, are used to celebrate significant moments, and deepen our experiences and relationships. Jesus is the perfect symbol for christens for he is both fully divine and fully human. There are three categories of sacraments Initiation, Vocation, and healing we will talk about these categories later. Mass, Liturgy, and Eucharist all mean ritual service in essence however, their Greek and Latin meanings do differ. The priest wears different articles of clothing to symbolize different meaning, the Alb for purity, the cincture for modesty chastity and …show more content…
The Catechism par 1212 states that Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist lay the foundations of every Christen life. This signifies how important these sacraments are to christen life. Baptism has four important symbols water, oil, candles, and a white garment. Water symbolizes life and death just as Christ died and rose from the dead. Oil symbolizes protection and strengthening and the baptized person being called to share in the kingship and priesthood of Christ. The candle is a symbol of the candidate moving from darkness to the light of Christ. And the last symbol is the white garment the candidate wears to symbolize innocence and purity from sin. The effect of receiving this sacrament include incorporation into the church, associates the baptized with the death and resurrection of Christ, forgiveness of sins, and orients the baptized to the worship of God and the wider mission of the church. This also brought about the case of where unbaptized children go which was answered by the church as limbo or a place of natural happiness. Confirmation has two core symbols the laying of the hands to symbolize the conferring of the Holy Spirit and oil which is a symbol of strength and kingship or priesthood. The effect of this sacrament includes seven gifts from the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel/right judgement, fortitude, piety, and fear of the lord/wonder and awe in God’s presence), renewal of membership in the church, and rejects Satan and turns away from evil. In the early Church this was intertwined with baptism. And finally Eucharist which has one core symbol which is the Bread and the wine this is a symbol of food that imparts Christ’s own life. The effect of this is the real presence of Christ in our lives we receive Christ and share in his life and

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