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  • Catholic Church Observation

    I chose to attend Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church on November 13. We live in New Braunfels, and our religious options are very limited; we have Catholic churches and various types of Protestant churches. I have always been interested in what happens at a Catholic church; when you have never been to one it can seem interesting and very different. Sts. Peter and Paul is no exception; form the outside alone, I have always considered it one of our most beautiful churches. Sts. Peter and Paul…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Confession

    Confession is fundamental in our Christian faith. Through confession, our sin is revealed and we are able to stand in front God and our brothers as a new person as our sin has been confessed and washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. Confession is a blessing from God. It is one of the opportunities God gives to the Christians to break “into the darkness and seclusion of the heart”(p112). Although confession exposes wickedness, it helps one to have better relationship with God. Confession is…

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  • Essay On Water Baptism

    Is Water Baptism Necessary for the Christians? Water baptism is the immersion of a repented person in water as an outward proof of repentance. The process of repentance starts from the mind (soul), to the body (public display) and the final stage is spiritual transformation. So, water baptism is an integral part of the public display that shows a new convert giving his life to the Lord. Today’s message gives a scriptural description of water baptism, and how important it is to the Christians.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Redeemer Lutheran Church

    On October 30th, 2016 I attended Redeemer Lutheran church. I arrived there ten minutes early and picked a pew towards the back and started to take notes. The mass started around eight o’clock am and lasted approximately an hour. The service itself was similar to a Roman Catholic mass that I am use to. I was surprised that they were so similar because my thought process was since they are completely different religions than they must have completely different mass styles. Obviously after going I…

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  • Genesis 3: 1-24 Analysis

    In Genesis 3: 1-24, it is implied that the first sin was caused by temptation. The devil, or Satan, made himself appear as a serpent in the Garden of Eden; he informed Eve that the only reason why God did not want both her and Adam to eat from the tree with the forbidden fruit was because the fruit contained knowledge that only God had at the time. This portion of the bible expresses sin as any act that defies God’s command; God has certain expectations and rules for us that he provides us with…

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  • Luther Movie Critique

    As I watched the film Luther, I realized that the film displayed a historically accurate representation of Martin Luther and the Reformation of the Catholic Church. The first scene of the movie opened upon the church with an archway at the end of the nave lined with Corinthian columns. Also at the end of the nave was an altar and apse, typically scene in many church layouts of the time period, not to mention the church had stained glass rose windows and statues of several saints with in the…

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  • Ritual Observation

    This Ritual Observation Project will be discussing my observations at Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church. I went there on June seventh to gain insight first hand into the Catholic Church’s rituals and beliefs. I will begin by breaking down the entire mass that took place during my observation then I will compare and contrast Catholicism to Baptist Christianity (my religion). When I first entered the area where the mass was to be held at, I began to notice the exquisite detail and the…

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  • Analysis Of Silence By Shusak Endo

    Thesis: Through inculturation and different interpretations of Christianity, the church is catholic or universal. In order for the church to be catholic, it must be able to spread the Gospel with respect to cultural diversities. Culture is the beliefs, customs, and arts of a particular society. The Catholic faith is central to many of the world’s cultures. Yet, through inculturation, the Catholic faith is lived differently in each culture (classroom notes 10-13). In Shusaku Endo’s book,…

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  • Narrative Essay On Religion

    My religious life story starts our pretty cookie-cutter. My dad came from a family that emigrated from the Ukraine and brought their strong catholic beliefs Catholic when I was 5 years old. I went to catholic school from Preschool to 8th grade, with mass on every Tuesday and on Holy Days of obligation. However, as I transferred to a public high school my entire extended family started to drift away from the church. We listened as sermons became increasingly related to donating more money to the…

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  • What Is The Holy Spirit

    The holy spirit Essay What is the Holy spirit and why is it so important to us Catholics. How those the holy spirit show us god who he is and what he is. The holy has a huge significance in the way he shaped our church. The church is here to shows us our lovely god’s great strength and power through his love and the holy spirit. The holy spirit plays a major role of the church develop to where it is now today and how did the holy spirit do to reach to what it is today. The Holy spirit shows us…

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