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  • Confucianism In China

    The development of philosophy and politics in China has had an impact on the ethics of its society. Superstition has played an important role in China from ancient times when the royal family, to divine important dates and the outcome of battles, used oracle bones. The concept of “feng shui” has shaped Chinese society or hundreds of years and continues to play an important role in Chinese culture. Confucianism and its values have had a strong effect on Chinese people, both past and present.…

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  • Opium War In China Essay

    The importation of Opium in China was the result of the inept Qing government, submissive foreign policies, and the determination of the British government to open up the Chinese market. The Opium War in China was disasterous to China, accelerating its downfall. The inefficient government cannot solve the problem of the widespread Opium Trade in China, which became rooted in the society, demoralizing the citizens. To begin with, the primary reason of the uncontrollable Opium trade was the…

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  • Similarities Between Gupta Dynasty And Han Dynasty

    religion. Two major civilizations that developed during the classical period were China and the Indian subcontinent. During their development and existence, several rulers and dynasties controlled the large civilizations. The Han dynasty of China and the Gupta dynasty of India were two of the most successful and effective rulers of the Chinese and Indian civilizations.…

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  • The Scripture In Forty Summary

    there are also aspects of the text that suggests that the scripture is actually a Chinese product. The reason why it is hard to distinguish one from the other is because the scripture is both. Physically, the text most likely have been compiled in China. Yet, it consists of Buddhist teachings translated in a way that makes it both appealing and understandable to the Chinese. With that said, the Scripture in Forty-Two Sections is both a Chinese product and a translation of Indian Buddhism. The…

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  • The Xia Dynasty

    The Xia Dynasty was the first to rule China as the higher power of the time. They were along the Huang He River. They created a way to control the Huang He River. They had no written records and only used oral when they passed on history. This is why we do not know a lot about the Xia Dynasty. They had 15 emperors and a lot of up and downs being the first dynasty. They changed their country into a slave society from a primitive society. Their last emperor was not a good one and used his rights…

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  • Roman Empire Symbolism Essay

    Ancient Rome was one of the most powerful empires in history, excelling above others in warfare, business, structural design, and many other subjects. Here you will find statues of the Emperor, Roman gods, and several other high ranking officials on almost every street, in every temple, and place you visit. Coined by Cassiodorus in the sixth century the vast numbers of these statues became known as Rome’s “second population” (Edwards 44)…

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  • Dream Of The Red Chamber And The Tale Of Genji

    aristocrats of pre- 1200 China and Japan share some commonalties also while possessing unique differences. The aspects of the lifestyle enjoyed by these two groups of people are forever immortalized in two novels that, while are fiction, give insight into what life was like back then. The two books in question are firstly, Dream of the red chamber and The tale of Genji. These two books will be examined for the purposes of comparing and contrasting aristocratic life in pre-modern China and Japan.…

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  • Similarities Between Han China And Imperial Rome

    control politics between the Han China Empire and the Imperial Rome Empire during the Classical period. Han China started 206 B.C.E. and ended in 220 C.E. and Imperial Rome lasted from 31 B.C.E. to 476 C.E., and both had advanced social and political systems. Even though both empires had gone through many difficulties and severe changes, Imperial Rome Empire still kept many political and social aspects from the Roman Republic, and Han China from the Qin Dynasty. The Han China empire and Imperial…

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  • Identity In Gene Luen Yang's Boxers And Saints

    've ever known.”- Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck Palahniuk states that our own identities are not only formed by ourselves, but also by the culture around us. Gene Luen Yang 's Boxers & Saints follows the lives of Bao and Four during the Boxer uprising in China, as they struggle to find their identities. The uprising forces Bao and Four to chose whom they identify with, their fellow countrymen or the foreigners and christians. Through Bao and Four 's struggles, Boxers & Saints illustrates that…

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  • The China History Podcast The Opium War Analysis

    Podcast Critique: The China History Podcast: “The Opium War” Laszlo Montgomery’s podcast, The China History Podcast: “The Opium War” discusses the background, causes and effects of the First Opium War, which lasted from 1839 to 1842 and ended with the first of the “unequal treaties”, the Treaty of Nanjing, which forced China to cede Hong Kong and several harbors to the British Empire. The podcast has one speaker and is primarily informational with an informal tone. One event that Montgomery…

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