State Sacrifice In Early Qing Case Study

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Peter Chen-main W, The Significance of State Sacrifice in Early Qing – An Examination of the Shunzhi Period. Harrassowitz Verlag Press, 2015

A. Peter Chen is a Professor of Graduate Institute of History National central university. His major is the history of Ming and Qing dynasty, Christianity in China and the relationship between China and USA. He was invited to many universities to do lectures such as visiting the Leiden University, European Chair of Chinese Studies (2001-2002); Visiting Scholar, Center for Asian Studies, UC-Berkeley. (June- September 2001) etc.

B. This article is majority talk about shunzhi the first emperor in Beijing who did some significant events. He finished unifying country. He takes care his people,
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Chuanbin Zheng is Ph.D. From China. He published many academic journals about history. And this work published by Journal of Heman Normal University at 2004. This press by administration approved by the ministry of science, Henan normal university comprehensive academic journal sponsored.

B. This is one theoretical work; it talk about that there are some parties appear in the imperial court. They want to divide up the right of the emperor because Kangxi emperor only eight years old at that movement.

C. Aobai was an assistant of the emperor when Kangxi is a kid. But he wants to replace the emperor’s status. He is a heartless and cruel person like he will kill people who disagree with him. When Kangxi grows up, he has an idea that he need to take back his right from Aobai. Therefore, he used a method is that using play chess as a reason to outwit Aobai. In his life, he did lots of great things, promoting economic development. He creates a Kangxi prosperous future.

D. Kangxi is a famous emperor in Qing dynasty. When he only eight years old, he ascend the throne and deal government work by himself at fourteen years old. He was in of his period about 61 years. People support and him as well as he is one capable emperor in Chinese

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