The Role Of Loyalty And Change In Homer's Odyssey

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Loyalty and Change in The Odyssey The Odyssey, by Homer, is an epic tale of a Greek kings return home. Odysseus yearns to return home to his wife Penelope, his son Telemachus, and the kingdom in which he ruled. Over the course of this journey each character must endure many challenges that shape their personality. Although Penelope remains strong in her personal beliefs, Telemachus and Odysseus change greatly throughout the story. While Odysseus is away, Penelope is left to deal with the sons of Ithaca’s elders. However, these suitors are no gentlemen. Day after day the suitors put pressure on Penelope to decide who her next husband shall be. She tells the suitors that she will announce her decision after completing a burial shroud for her …show more content…
Confucius and Laozi were two ancient Chinese philosophers believed to have lived during one of these times. The Warring States occurred when seven states were fighting to gain control of China. Through many battles and conquests of war lords, the first united Chinese Empire formed, known as the Qin Dynasty. During this time, there was a desire to find peace. Confucius and Laozi appear to agree that the path to achieve this peace begins with one’s self. By aligning with the way, then an individual would be able to escape the corruption and war surrounding them. Yet, how to achieve the way differed with each …show more content…
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