Electronic Communications Privacy Act

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  • The Importance Of Implementing EHR In Home Care

    implementing EHR’s in the home care settings. As demand for home care services increases to support the health care needs of the aging population, more home health agencies in the United States our implementing electronic health records, to have better quality records for their patients. Good communication regarding patient data, their status, and care plans is essential for ensuring efficiency in quality of patient care and patient safety. The EHR will assist in facilitating better…

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  • The Importance Of Spyware

    guarantee 100% privacy. Today, most people depend upon computers manage information and surf the Internet. Since there is such a great deal of dependence upon computers, it is of utmost important that users feel secure utilizing them. Users and merchants both need to be informed and educated regarding the potential threats that exist and what protective measures should be taken to ensure that confidential information remains so. With the never-ending escalation of cyberspace threats to…

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  • Vogel's False Advertising Cases

    making comments that will be detrimental to her case or alter the state of which the events happened in her accident. Lori might argue in opposition that they are violating her rights in trying to get her information and say that the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) protects her from them using her online "opinions" against her. The court should grant the defendant's request only to use facts and not opinions. They should be able to make sure that Lori is not falsifying information…

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  • Confidentiality In Health Care

    Reflective Journal/ Annotated Bibliography Confidential Communication Cox, C. (2015). Understanding confidentiality in health care. Journal of Diabetes Nursing, 19(10), 378-384 4p. This article describes the dilemma that healthcare professional faced regarding patient confidentiality. Often, healthcare professionals are confused about what they can freely disclose and what type of information can be shared. A breach of privacy by knowingly or accidentally sharing patients’ personal information…

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  • Social Networking: Friend Or Foe?

    consistently staring at their electronics, leaving the friends unsatisfied from their vacation. In a digital world where social networking sites…

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  • First Amendment Freedom Of Speech

    point. Everyone should have equal rights. So, they should act upon their constitution within their country and they should not apply it on internet where people from other countries of the world interact. They might get upset. Technological advancement has constantly producing new types of media, from broadcasting to television to computer networks. The electronic word has replaced the printed word as the most common form of communication in our…

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  • The Importance Of Making A Dream Team In Long-Term Care

    obstacles to overcome before healthcare workers can provide the highest level of care within their capabilities. In order for residents in long-term care facilities to receive the best continuity and quality care, as well as cost-efficient care, communication between healthcare providers and the overall environment for residents and employees…

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  • The Importance Of Patient Safety Umbrellas In Health Care

    patient safety umbrella. At a local university medical center, there are almost 3,000 patient safety policies (JH, personal communication, April 30, 2016). Additionally, this medical center subscribes to a policy database service which has almost 1000 different procedures for patient safety, with approximately 100 different checklists, and over 75 quick lists (JH, personal communication, April 30, 2016). This one medical center illustrates the size and complexity of this policy category. Other…

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  • Effects Of Cyber Crime Essay

    the most happening place today. Internet is increasingly being used for communication, commerce, advertising, banking, education, research and entertainment. There is hardly any human activity that is not touched by the Internet. Internet has something to offer to everybody and in the process it only increases…

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  • Telemedicine History

    Brief History of Telemedicine The American Telemedicine Association defines telemedicine as, “the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.” However, the definition differs according to the source and varies from state to state. While the terms telemedicine and telehealth have definitions that differ somewhat depending on the source, the two terms are used interchangeably. Telemedicine can be used…

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