Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay

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The Latest Weapon of Mass Destruction: Technology
As a result of humans being intelligent and resourceful, the technology age began with the invention of simple stone tools to survive in nature. Over time the discovery of fire progressed to candles and ultimately to electricity. Communication evolved from pictographic writing to the telegraph and now to smart phones and computers. Medical advances such as x-rays and MRIs are essential in health care, and the internet offers digital information about virtually every topic. With the transformation from simple tools to modern technological devices in every industry, technology has made life easier and more productive. Additionally, technology changes society, culture, and behaviors. The new generation
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For example, in Houston, Texas a woman describes how she was harassed by her ex-husband. "He had every text, every picture. He knew exactly where I was all the time. It was infuriating, I had no idea this type of obsession and anger was inside of him” (Willey, n.p.). A digital forensic specialist determined her ex-husband had sent tracking software to her phone through an email. Even though this case involved implantation of a tracking device, 20% of victims are tracked through social networks, compared to 4% who are targeted via dating sites (Smith, n.p.). In this case the stalker had a personal connection to the victim; nevertheless, if the stalker is unable to make contact with one device such as the victim’s cellphone then the stalker will utilize emails, GPS, or social media websites to acquire the necessary information. Cyberstalking can last for a long time; Kaitlin, a former business analyst, was abused for six years. She recalls her experience, “each time she confronted the colleague about his behaviour, she experienced a backlash via strange activity on her computer, including unauthorised remote desktop control and invasion of her social media networks and software programs” (Rawlinson, n.p.). Even though Katlin confronted the police, they did not take her claim seriously and proceeded to do nothing because many police …show more content…
Currently, forty-seven states have laws against cyberstalking (Anderson, 20); these laws are created by the states for the states; on the other hand, Congress has only created a few federal policies. “In 1986, Congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). This law has been amended and expanded as internet technology has advanced, and it continues to form the basis for federal prosecutions of computer-related criminal activities. Other relevant federal statutes include the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), the Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act of 2008 (ITERA), and certain provisions of the USA Patriot Act” (Computer Crime Law, n.p.). Although these policies have been created, they are not effective in halting cyberstalking. Even a police official admits, “they still lack the legal tools to combat it” (Quarmby, n.p.). E-crimes are such a new issue that the current laws do not grant the police the ability to act or provide formal punishment for the cyber criminals; therefore, many criminals escape being apprehended and get away with their injustices. The internet masks the true identity of the person responsible; furthermore, “proving that a person is a victim of cyberstalking is the biggest issue faced by the courts and the victims (Anderson,

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