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  • Analysis Of Erich Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

    Herbert Hoover once said, “Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die” (War Quotes). Erich Remarque, the author of All Quiet on the Western Front, wrote the novel to show parts of war that one can only understand with a similar struggle, including the cowardice of the older generation, the horrors of war, and the effects war has on the soldiers. War is hard to understand by those who have not experienced it. “Yet paradoxically, we are greater removed from the fighting now…

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  • The Western Tradition Analysis

    The Saint Mary’s seminar classes are so unlike traditional teacher-centered learning. The Western Tradition II focuses on three learning goals; shared inquiry, critical thinking, and written and oral communication. These three learning goals really help students explore the Western Tradition by examine the themes written by the authors we discussed. De Las Casas, Rene Descartes, and Voltaire really influenced the way I thought about how our culture started and the major flaws we stay face today…

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  • Differences Between Optimism And Pessimism In Candide

    How Does the Characterization of Pangloss and Martin affect how Candide conveys Voltaire’s Message? In Candide, Voltaire illustrates the direct and indirect characterization of Pangloss and Martin to convey the deeper meaning of society through the life and increase maturity level of Candide. Voltaire portrays the companionship between Pangloss and Candide compared to Martin and Candide through the use of satire and rhetorical devices such as exaggeration, euphemism, and comparison and…

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  • Gold Rush Research Paper

    Gold, legends are made about it, especially the legend of El Dorado in which massive riches slathered the city. The Gold Rush of 1849 is also a notable for the vast migration to gain fortunes in a land of golden dreams. While these legendary stories did not garner vast fortunes for its explorers, gold will always create mystery and allure while the pragmatists—or realists—mining for gold maintain a respect for the land not simply a source for wealth. For instance, Witwatersrand Basin located in…

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  • Genogram In Social Work

    Preface As an individual who will soon be entering the field of Social Work as a professional Social Worker, I understand how important it is to have explored and sought to understand my past and how the events and experiences of my life have impacted the person I am today. Due to the audience of my paper being a professor I trust to keep all the personnel information shared within this document confidential, I feel it important to share openly. I also want to preface this paper with the…

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  • Irrigation In Yuma Arizona

    different ways whether it be good or bad. For instance when there was a dam made for irrigation purposes, the steamer boat business was affected. The dam was prevented travel up river that is where the steamers usually travel for the business “ Yuma to El dorado” which is up the colorado river. Also because of irrigation the water level fell so there was no safe travel. The steamer boat business…

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  • Legalization Of The Death Penalty Analysis

    this premise that the more severe the penalty, the more deterrent the effects by first stating the claims of the opposition. He begins by noting how in support of Proposition 62, the California ballot initiative to repeal the death penalty, former El Dorado county supervisor Ron Briggs made the “tiresomely familiar claim” (Boston Globe, 2016), stating his position that the death penalty is not safer for the communities and does not deter crime in any way. He also states how the death penalty…

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  • Importance Of Irony In Candide

    (107). A pity, a shame, or a severe consequence of life’s misfortunes, Candide and those accompanying him on his travels all deduce the same conclusion that Cunegonde’s new conditions are ones to not be taken lightly. Candide is willing to desert El Dorado, discovered to be the most joyful place in the world, for Cunegonde. He travels the entire world, loses…

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  • Summer Paragraph

    Sandals are my favorite article of clothing because that means it’s summer time! They bring back memories of sweet summertime, the lake, and freedom. The lake is my friends, families and I’s happy place. Every summer that’s where I spend the majority of time. No one has any cares out at the lake, it’s so stress-free. I love it out there. The last day of school everyone is anxiously waiting for that last bell to ring to let us out of school. Once it rings, we all spring out of our chairs and run…

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  • My Grandmother's Life Analysis

    This paper will examine my grandmother’s life along with various factors that have directly impacted her life. One of the main factors that I will examine include the relationship between her diabetes and her mental health. I also will briefly explain the strengths perspective. I have included a signed consent form by my grandmother, the participant, in the appendix section. Background My grandmother, Melissa Sant, was born and raised in West Monroe, Louisiana. She is a sixty-two year old…

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