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  • Summary: The Importance Of Water Pollution In Flint

    1980s. A low budget, contaminated water source, and outdated infrastructure have led to a water crisis in Flint, Michigan which is a danger to local residents in regards to public concerns for health, loss of confidence in government, and a larger deficit. Once General Motors downsized their plant in Flint, Flint’s economy went downhill. Many people lost their jobs, which in turn forced many people into poverty.…

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  • The Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory

    Orem was one of the foremost nursing theorists, and began developing her theory for improvement of quality nursing care in hospitals which became published as, The Self-Care Deficit Theory in 1971. The Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory is comprised of three interrelated theories: (1) Theory of Self-Care, (2) The Self-Care Deficit Theory, and (3) The Theory of Nursing Systems. Orem’s approach is to…

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  • The Economic Effects Of Budgetary Deficit And The Budgets

    This is a horrendous, if not cruel, imposition upon the taxpayers who are being singled out by government to bear the burden of increasing the coffers of government to remedy a deficit situation that was not caused by the taxpayers, but by governmental policies, directions and oversights themselves. It becomes no less a tragedy as government, which is suppose to serve the people, instead overburdens the taxpayer with more taxes as they are made to undergo a harrowing experience upon their…

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  • Compassion Deficit Diversity In The United States

    Essentially, Compassion Deficit Disorder works to deny people the status of victim (Hancock, 2011). Due to the widely ranging political beliefs of the current candidates for presidency in the United States, there has been heated debated on the issue of racism. It is in these debates that Compassion Deficit Disorder is seen. Instead of educating oneself to the realizations of the disadvantages and lack of power that…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Water Scarcity

    The reality that the world faces a water scarcity issue is acknowledged and accepted globally, despite only a small proportion of the population directly feeling the stress of declining water availability. Virtual Water, as discussed by J.A. Allan (2003), refers to the idea that when goods and services are exchanged, so is virtual water. When a country imports 1 kilogram of rice instead of producing it domestically, it is saving around 2,300 cubic metres of real, indigenous water. If this…

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  • Flint Water Crisis Case Study

    financial dire straits Flight was experiencing and Michigan’s response makes the situation murkier. In 2011, Michigan’s Treasury Department recommended that the City of Flint be placed under an emergency financial management “Due to Flint’s structural deficit, increasing legacy costs, and accumulating debt. . .” (Doidge et al.,2016). Governor Snyder followed that recommendation utilizing Public Act 4 to insert an emergency financial manager that held broad authority to intervene in local…

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  • Attention Deficit By Richard Restak Analysis

    a needles eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Today, people are swaying away from this statement because the advancement of technology and what the media is putting in their heads. Richard Restak, in his essay, “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era” explains “And by responding, I mean that our brain literally changes its organization and functioning to accommodate the abundance of stimulation forced on it by the modern world”. While the technological…

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  • Water Crisis Reflection

    When I first attended class, I thought that English 2 would be just like any regular English class. Everyone was quiet and appeared to be shy, however, I was surprised to see that the instructor was somewhat young. As the first day of class went on, I was also surprised to know that we would have class outside due to the instructor not bringing a key. I instantly thought the instructor was a bit odd but otherwise a cool guy. However, when I found out the subject of the semester would be about…

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  • Effects Of Water Shortage

    Water shortage is a growing problem, not only in poverty stricken and developing countries, but globally. It is said that within 15 years, over half of the population of the world will be living in high water stress areas. It is fast becoming a universal issue, and should be addressed immediately. Glass (2010) suggests that “the population is increasing most rapidly in cities,” and so the availability of water is also decreasing. Population growth is commonly seen as a key factor that adds to…

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  • Ethical Issues In Water Pollution Essay

    Water contamination is a major issue, both to humans and the environment. There are many ethical issues surrounding companies who may contribute to water contamination and those who govern water safety. Water contamination events can cause nationwide concern, such as the drinking water in the city of Flint, Michigan and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. Water contamination can have disastrous consequences for the human population with effects such as birth defects and…

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