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  • Analytical Essay: The Boston Massacre

    thirteen colonies. The relation between the colonists and the British was tense, as expected, insults were often passed back and forth between the two parties. But the most violent exchange was the Boston Massacre which left the freed black man Crispus Attucks, and three other men, including Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, and Samuel Maverick dead. Against many of the colonists’ wishes, the British officials were given a fair trial, however, everybody had different opinions on who was the aggressor…

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  • Essay On Racism In The Military

    both the military and he head military of the British. Even though people in the army now have to deal with different types of racism, they will never know what it feels like to not have freedom, to fight for your country, and to not be a slave. Attucks, Gray and Maverick will never know what freedom is because they died fighting for the right of American freedom, while still being held as a…

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  • Colonists Massacre Research Paper

    On March 5, 1770, a group of young colonists confronted a British soldier on guard at the Custom House- supposedly about money that was owed to one of the colonist´s masters. Refusing to pay any money, the soldier got back to work expecting the colonists to do the same and leave. However, they did not. The colonists resorted to throwing snowballs and ice at the guard, in a final attempt to persuade him to give up the money. Soon enough, other colonists joined the rebellion, and the crowd against…

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  • Dred Scott V. John F. A.

    African American history is the story of great tragedy and accomplishment. Where they were once was kings and queens Africans were taken from their homeland as slaves to work in the dirt. They were treated cruelly and unjustly. However, they would fight ultimately for their freedom looking to having some sort of freedom whether in their homeland of Africa or this new land of America. Some call Africa the birth place of human beings seeing that The Great Rift Valley is known for having some of…

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  • Similarities Between This Side Of Paradise And The Great Gatsby

    Let’s face it, our forefathers were brilliant salesmen. Their idea that any person, from anywhere, no matter their social status, can achieve the American dream spread like a wildfire helping to build this country into the superpower it is today. There are many ideas of what the American dream is, but the most popular is the one that goes something like…after x amount of years of hard work, a poor person turns $1.50 into a multi-billion dollar corporation. This popular long shot story has been…

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  • Compare And Contrast French And Indian War

    Massachusetts colony and be a warning to others. One act closed the port of Boston until the colonists payed for the destroyed tea. Boston Massacre A battle between British soldiers and Boston colonists in 1770. Five of the colonists including Crispus Attucks were killed. Boston Tea Party On December 1773 a group of men disguised as Native Americans boarded three tea ships that were docked in Boston. That night they destroyed 342 chests of tea. This act was to prove to Britain how…

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  • The American Revolution: A Huge Event In History

    Captain Thomas Preston decided to call in for backup and he brought in some more troops which were also assaulted. The troops felt overwhelmed when one of them was hit with a club. They responded with gunfire . Killing a black man by the name of Crispus Attucks, a ropemaker named Samuel Gray, and a mariner named James Caldwell. 8 others were wounded as well in this event. The reason they came was because they ordered the occupants of the Boston Manufactory House to leave. Which was a house for…

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  • American War Of Independence Research Paper

    Some may say “The shot heard ’round the world” began the American War of Independence On the night of August 26, 1765, an assault on Thomas Hutchinson, chief justice and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts was a small episode in a series events that launched a half-century of protest and political upheaval throughout the Western world. This historic era that came to be known as the Age of Revolution. The true crisis began in 1760 when George III claimed the throne of Great Britain. No one on…

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  • Significance Of The Boston Massacre

    One of the most known events in history to happen in Boston . The only event ever to happen like this. The one historical event that earned the title of the incident on king street named by the British personally. The one event where British soldiers were ready too fire and attack while the opposing side the colonists, were prepared to strike and defend their beloved town and keep it the way they intended to have it from the veary begining. The event where you would be terrified imagine it…

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  • American Revolution: The Boston Massacre

    British soldiers were depicted as a group of men viciously firing at an unarmed, vulnerable crowd. Even if that image was inaccurate, there is no denying the impact that this event had on the course in which the colonies and Britain were headed. Crispus Attucks, who was one of the five that was shot, became known as the first martyr of the American…

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