Cost overrun

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  • Project Cost Overruns

    Project Delays and Cost Overruns When addressing various project management tasks in a dynamic (ever-changing), environment, the potential for a project manager (PM) to face project delays and cost overruns are not uncommon. Although it may appear inevitable for a PM to encounter problems that can have an adverse impact on accomplishing project tasks, there are effective project mitigating techniques and practices that can be implemented to resolve those problems. Some contractors may train their PMs that a solution to avoiding project delays and cost overruns is to merely bid high during contract negotiations in order to account for unexpected costs and potential project delays. This approach can lead to a contractor presenting expensive…

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  • Importance Of Estimating Cost Of Risk In Construction

    2.3 Estimating cost of risk Pricing the cost of risk is a significant and challenging part within the bid’s process. As it was discussed on the previous section, construction projects face a high level of uncertainty and risk situations regarding the complexity of the project. According to Laryea and Hughes (2010), there are distinctive factors that affect the estimation of the total cost and it include the anticipated budget before construction, strong competition on bidding, low fixed…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The 1976 Olympic Games

    most people think of the Olympics, common words that first come to mind are pride, uniting, competition. But behind all of the glitz and glamour of ceremonies, games and celebrities, stands the hard truth of the cost of the Olympic games. From 1968 to 2010 an average Olympics costed the host city an average of 3.6 billion dollars, and the numbers have been skyrocketing ever since. A prime example of an immense budget overrun was shown in the 1976 Olympic games held in Montreal. This brings forth…

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  • 3.3 Issues Associated With Project Budgeting Analysis

    3.3 Issues Associated With Project Budgeting Similar to project scheduling, budgeting is often created in the preconstruction stage but neglected or forgotten throughout the duration of the project. This results in a budget that is not always updated or adjusted as new cost or expenses arise. With new cost the budget will have to be shifted around to accommodate for the increase in cost, without updating cost it becomes difficult to meet the goals set in the budget especially since cost are…

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  • Project Management Case

    upper management: (a) consider the cost increase as acceptable and continue to move forward, or (b) stop the project. These choices should be presented first because if they answer no,…

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  • External Environment In Project Management

    Because 10% project budget overrun is far easier to handle than 50%.Frequent review of project budget plan is greater in all aspects. Frequently forecast resource usage: Since people working on project contribute to cost of the project PM should review number of people working on current project. Doing so he will ensure that he is fully utilizing the resources he have and also he is having right resources ready for the rest of the project. Regularly revising the resources forecast will help…

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  • Mihocko Inc Case Study

    production, employ the use of technological advancements, or simply battle the regulations in congress? All businesses are impacted by government regulations in some fashion, and competitive manufacturing companies must be especially progressive in leveraging the most cost effective solutions or these regulations could drive them out of the marketplace. As we analyze the potential strategies available for Mihocko, Inc. over the next five years, detailed benefits…

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  • Rural Road Maintenance Case Study

    At first, this study quantified the cost of CO on rural road maintenance contracts. Then the study identified the causes of CO and its preventative measures in road maintenance activities. Lastly the study developed change order contingency estimating tool and schedule crashing tool in order to assist in change management system of these contracts. The main conclusions and limitations of these three phase studies are described below. This study determined the amount of CO on road maintenance…

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  • Case Study: White Construction Cost Estimate

    White Construction Cost Estimating Process Overview There are several different levels of estimating used in estimating cost for a construction project. Each level serves a different purpose, dependent on the stage of the project, and has varying margin of errors. Estimates made during earlier stages have a larger margin of error compare to the final estimate report. In this text, the process of preparing a detailed cost estimates will be the main topic with an emphasized on White Construction’s…

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  • Dysfunctional Meeting Culture Analysis

    One approach is one-to-one debate. Now Ed Pryor, the vice president of sales represents the voice of sales, however, there are different voice in the department of design and production. For example, Cory Wu, manager of software and firmware design also thinks the cost of producing the new product is too high. Also, Alice Gorga was absent the last meeting, and I do not know his attitude about the problem. Therefore, I think an important step is integrating the opinions inside the party of design…

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