External Environment In Project Management

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On some project events PM and his team can get surprise in the form of external events which create problems in project performance. However project are present because of external environment. So PM should be responsive to it.External environment includes latest state of art technology in which project is based, itscustomers and competitors .Its geographical, social, politicalsettings. All above mentioned factors are enough to affect planning, staffing, organizing, directing which contains PM’s responsibility. Most projects are intended to impact in one way or another. This is true particularly for construction projects. So project to be ultimately successful PM should take in to account this interdependency. If project takes number of years …show more content…
They must learn to cultivate other methods of influencing order to secure the resources from other departments to achieve project success. Almost all resources should be negotiated or bargained.PM does not have enough authority to reward or punish any employee. So He must learn some human skills like negotiating and bargaining.Sucessfull project manager knows the importance of maintaining strong political ties all the way to make his project successful. The main point is that project management and politics are linked with each other.Sucessfull project managers are those who understands that their job goes beyond something like being only technical aspect. Typical PM should learn to use political influence as power to make project successful. Understanding the political side of project gives rise to need of developing proper attitude and strategies which will help PM to become successful. For this PM should understand and acknowledge the political nature of organization. Most of PMs hate politics in their organization But some PMs take it as opportunity to complete their tasks.PM should well aware of one more aspect that different departments and stakeholders are not likely to offer their help and support unless they realize that it is in their interest to do so.PM cannot rely on them for their support. Hence time and care must be used …show more content…
Because 10% project budget overrun is far easier to handle than 50%.Frequent review of project budget plan is greater in all aspects.

Frequently forecast resource usage:
Since people working on project contribute to cost of the project PM should review number of people working on current project. Doing so he will ensure that he is fully utilizing the resources he have and also he is having right resources ready for the rest of the project. Regularly revising the resources forecast will help keeping project on track.

Keep the team informed:
Always keep project team informed of project budget forecast. By doing this all members will come to know about the expenditure of project. According to that those will start working on the project keeping budget on track.


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