Organizational Politics Essay

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In my opinion, organizational politics, to a large extent, comprises of using one 's power and influence over others to promote one 's career or hold someone else back for one 's gains. But I dont think that is the only reason organizational politics takes place. A lot of times it is used by managers to pit employees against one another to get better results, to boost productivity and to cultivate an environment of healthy competition in the workplace. It is closely tied to power because the more power a person has over others in an organization, higher will be the efficacy of their attempts at politicking.

I dont think I have ever been directly hurt by organizational politics, but I did have a manager who used power tactics such as inspirational
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In work that is very systematic, and needs no creative or specialized thinking or skill. For instance someone who works in a workshop and does the same thing everyday, or manual labor workers that have a specific set of tasks that they need to perform everyday, without improvisation. I think any workplace that requires a more complex, intellectually driven workforce would not benefit from an environment with no politics. For one, a lot of managers use politics to perpetuate a sense of competition between the employees. In a zero-sum based organizational structure politicking is imperative because one person 's gain is another person 's loss. In most workplaces where teamwork is required politics will eventually arise, no matter how much each person indulges in initial impression management. I think a workplace without organizational politics is possible, but I dont think it would be beneficial to the growth of the individuals working within the organization or to the company. Politicking to a certain extent in the workplace, in my opinion is a harmless way of letting people know where they stand in the eyes of their colleagues and seniors, but too much of it can often be very detrimental to specific individuals and the organization as a

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