Organizational Task 3 Essay

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A 1.
In this paper I will be comparing the overall healthcare systems between the United
States and that of Great Britain.
A 2.
In the United States we have private healthcare which each individual person has to pay for, one way or another. There are some government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid,
Veterans health administration and Children's Health Insurance Program that help supplement healthcare but there are strict qualifications that must be met and not everyone may qualify for it. Not everyone has access to health insurance and there are those that are underinsured. “ In
2010, the population without insurance coverage increased to nearly 49.9 million, or 16.3% of the population. The uninsured and underinsured include
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For most of the medications you might get a reduced rate due to your plan and sometimes you can only get the generic brand. Some pharmacies might offer some of the most widely commonly used medications at a set reduced price of $3.00$
4.00. A Lot of insurance companies now will require that medications that are needed for more than 30 days need to be processed through the mail order services. In Great Britain all medications are covered by the NHS and there is no extra cost to the patient.
b. In the United States a person can see a specialist most often without needing a referral from a primary physician. There will however be a higher copay to pay every time one seeks out a specialist. In Great Britain on the other hand you will have to be evaluated by your assigned General Practitioner and they will decide the need, if any for the specialists. The General Practitioners receive a yearly bonus for healthy patients;therefore, the need for any specialist are low.
c. In the United States most of the private insurances will not cover anything that they consider a preexisting medical condition that started before the health insurance went into effect leaving the patient to pay large amount of money out of pocket. In Great Britain preexisting medical conditions do not matter because everything is covered.
A 3.
The financial implications between the United States and Great Britain are astonishing.
In the United States people with

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