The Effects Of The Healthcare Reform Bill Of 2010

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In this Scenario it talks about the effects that the Healthcare Reform Bill of 2010 has had on the American economy.
Yes, there has been a tremendous amount of individuals who still lack the opportunity to be insured due to living below the poverty level or the lack of having the means, because even though it is offered from their employees the rates are still too expensive for them to be able to afford it for their entire household. Also, there is a stipulation clause that is set in place that puts an emphasis on whether or not one even is eligible for this new found insurance and if one does not meet that quota they are not eligible to even receive the new health insurance. Prior to 2010 this problem with the lack of coverage was in the
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Patients seem to be receiving services, but mostly in an emergency this is , because many of them know that they cannot be legally turned away for not having insurance and prior to the healthcare reform that was implemented they could be seen in this type of facility and they hospital would bill them later for the procedures that were performed. The governmental sector quickly put a stop to this when the healthcare reform was enacted giving healthcare facilities the right to turn a person away once they have been deemed stable if they do not possess proper insurance documentation. This seems to be more prominent in the low income and ethically racial minorities. These individuals do not make enough money to get insurance and the new law restricts individuals that do not possess insurance when they go to file their …show more content…
Mandating that your employers offer this insurance, but because of how much costly it is to the employer the employees has to look at the cost measures. Should I take out health insurance or feed my family. It is a no win decision most Americans would deem for the lesser good and provide for their love ones versus getting healthcare service.
Physical/Demographic Issues
There are many issues that affect the equality of healthcare in this economic downturn such as the lack of vaccinations, chronic diseases and lower disease burdens. As the population of healthcare issues increases dramatically, there will be a more of a need for adequate resources they may need to become available to meet the challenges of providing health care and good quality of life for the individuals and families that are uninsured.
A fundamental change in the values emphasized in the American culture, and in other cultures, will be required to change the present health care system from one which focuses on diagnosis and treatment of disease to a system that attends to the major issues that affect quality of life of older adults and their families (Bennett,

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