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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Underage Drinking In College

    particularly underage drinking is a possibility that seems to flood your consciousness when you step onto a college campus like the University of Georgia. It’s pervasive, and everyone who’s anyone seems to be doing it. Of course there are conscientious objectors, medical abstainers, and those who decide to just wait until they’re 21, but at least in my experience it seems that almost everyone falls into the camp that imbibes. One of the first things I did in college was decide I couldn’t beat…

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  • The Similarities And Dissimilarities Between Finland And The United Kingdom

    Some countries are vastly different. From architecture to greetings, people around the world have built their cultures and societies around the geography, resources available, and themselves. While some powerful nations, such as the United States and China, can differ in nearly every way, in the Western world contrast between the countries becomes minor. This essay will explore the similarities and dissimilarities between Finland and the United Kingdom from interactionist and postmodernist…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War Pro War

    United States Pro-War The United States was up-against propaganda from many directions. The Americans found themselves in a war, unfamiliar to them. The status of the United States military was old, obsolete, and was geared for a strategic arsenal for traditional assaults as learned in the tactics deployed in World War Two (WWII). The early journey of the war was led through passivism. The American people were enjoying the fat of the economy following WWII. There was no immediate threat to the…

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  • Muhammad Ali's Impact On Society And Culture

    One of the reasons Muhammad Ali has the greatest impact on society and culture is because of his impact on boxing. As Ali became relevant in boxing, he showed everyone a new style of fighting, both inside and outside the ring. Inside the ring, Ali brought his “ballet-like grace as well as his flashy ‘Ali Shuffle,’” the way Ali moved his feet back and forth (“Muhammad Ali”). Ali also developed a technique of fighting called “Rope-a-Dope,” where he leaned up against the ropes to allow his opponent…

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  • Vietnam War Protest

    that defending South Vietnam from communist aggression was in the national interest” (Weeks). Many soldiers tried to resist being drafted for the war, one of which was the heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. Years later Ali declared himself a “conscientious objector” for which he earned a three-year ban from boxing (Vietnam War Protest). The purpose of the revolution was to force the authorities to withdraw complete American involvement. The movement went on for eight continuous years and ended…

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  • Before The Liquidation Of The Ghetto Essay

    The Holocaust is thought to have begun on January 30, 1933 when Adolf Hitler was appointed German chancellor and set in motion the Nazi genocide against the Jews. The Nazi movement trafficked in hatred and anti-Semitism. Hitler blamed the Jews for all the issues that came to Germany, from communism to inflation and for the defeat of Germany in World War 1. At first, Hitler’s focus was economic. He asked Germans to boycott Jewish owned businesses and he also barred Jews from jobs in civil service…

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  • Character Analysis Of Ali In What's My Name Fool

    younger generation of America fails to recognize his legacy. Zirin mentions in What's My Name Fool that Hall of Fame Baseball player Bob Feller objected to Ali throwing the first pitch in a game because of his refusal to enter the draft. Being a conscientious objector is less of a stigma than it once was. Only scholars, and the older generations who lived to experience Ali in his prime, truly understand Ali’s legacy that the current generation is ignorant to see Ali as he clearly was. had been…

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  • Guerrilla Warfare During The Vietnam War

    changed from drafting the oldest man first to selecting civilians according to their date of birth.” This would remove any sense of duty to the situation and would then see it as a lottery to die. As Fitzgerald quotes Dr. Barry Spatz who was a conscientious objector “I think that I, and those like me, are the true patriots, the true dissenters, who tried to stop 50,000 of our generation coming home in bags.” This showed that the war was becoming very unpopular with those at home because of the…

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  • Individuality In Hinduism Essay

    Hinduism is a belief that can suit a large variety of people. Based on personality type or choice, a person can select his or her individual path to God through four types of yoga: Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, and Raja. At any point in time when they a parishioner feels as a form of yoga is no longer guiding them to enlightenment, he or she can choose a different yoga of his or her choice in order to further himself or herself on the path to reach Atman. Although Hinduism has a general outline for…

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  • Community Mental Health Dbq

    The Post-War World II era saw the start of a transformation in the attitudes toward and the treatment of mental illness in the United States that was most significantly marked by the passing of the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 (CMHA: Public Law 88-164). The Community Mental Health Act––passed under President John F. Kennedy’s administration and notable innitiative––was revolutionary in proposing the implementation of two novel concepts that largely contributed to the…

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