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  • Chlorella Vulgaris Research Paper

    Introduction Chlorella vulgaris is known to date back more than 2.5 billion years. C. vulgaris is a unicellular green algae that is eukaryotic (Wells). Because of its long life on earth it has been essential for C. vulgaris to evolve so it can survive. One feature that C. vulgaris has is its ability to grow rapidly. Because of its rapid growth scientist have been studying it and found that it can be used in many different ways; wastewater treatments, production of protein-rich food and feed additives, and biofuel (Cakmak,Wells). Specialty oils, and cosmetics can also be products from algae (Griffiths et al). The limit of fossil fuels makes it more important to be able to find renewable energy resources. There are many positives that come from using microalgae as a renewable resource; it has a large lipid content, make…

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  • Essay On Chlorella

    If you have not heard much about the incredible food developed from the little green algae called Chlorella, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to add some serious nutrition to your diet. It is just beginning to find its niche in the popular nutritional supplements that are on the market. However, it has more nutrition than most other supplements and is totally organic. This little one-celled organism packs quite a punch because it has so many great nutrients such as many of the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microalgae

    In general, lower oil strains grow faster than high oil strains (Vasudevan and Briggs, 2008). Microalgae containing 30% oil grow 30 times faster than those containing 80% oil (Becker, 1994). Another challenge is that microalgae usually accumulate oil under stress conditions with slow growth rate. Hu et al. (2008) reported that neutral lipids content, mainly in the form of triacylglycerol (ATG), double or triple increased when the cells were subjected to unfavorable culture conditions. The…

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  • Monsoon Season Essay

    by theMalaysian Meteorological Department (MMD), usually monsoon in Malaysia started in the mid of October until the end of the March. Monsoon is badly caused health problems, loses of personal properties and damage to the houses, small buildings and crops to occur and can be overcomed by staying away from the rain and stagnant water, do the preparation before the monsoon and construction of the retention ponds. Monsoon season caused many negative effects and problems. One of the problems…

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  • Green Supplements Case Study

    Five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That’s what is advised that the average adult should eat a day for a balanced diet. More than 75% of all adults don’t consume this recommended amount, leaving our bodies nutritionally deficient. So what are we to do? Idyllically, we should try to eat what we need, but life gets in the way. Using green supplements can help fill the nutritional gap. 1. What Exactly is in Green Supplement Powder? Although each brand has their own custom…

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  • Characteristics Of Heterotrophic Microalgae

    Some ideal characteristics of microalgae include: high photosynthetic efficiency value, high lipid content, ability to survive stresses from photobioreactors, capable of withstanding varying temperatures and seasonal conditions, short cell cycle and fast production (Hannon et al 2010). No specific microalgal strain currently meets all of these standards, but the search continues. Different conditions where the microalgae derive from can contribute distinguished advantages. For instance, the…

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  • Importance Of Biotechnology Essay

    fish. Algae involved in such procedures may include Chlorella, Chlamydomnas, Euglene, Scenedesmus, Thribonima etc. [1]. • Biotechnology is also used to remove odor from water to meet water requirements as water sources are depleting rapidly [7]. • Waste water from the dairy industry can be treated with specialized strains of microorganisms. The disinfectants and sanitizers are broken down before they are released to the field in a beneficial way, thus crops can utilize the advantage of…

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  • Bayless Fish Foods Case Study

    Chlorella Algae feed would serve as a more protein-dense alternative, requiring less fish meal per pound. By providing these farmers with a feed that would require less quantity, Bayless Fish Food could help reduce a feeding cost that can currently account for as much as 11.6% of fish farm sales. Additionally, serving fish Bayless Fish Food’s all-natural, healthy feed would lead to a higher quality product, which in turn would allow fish farmer’s to sell their differentiated product at a higher…

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  • Food Pigments Lab Report

    if they are in need then they are derived from the natural sources. TYPES OF NATURAL COLORS: Normal foodstuff colors would be the almost all more suitable organic and natural foodstuff item.It does not create the same level of volume and uniforms than artificial colors, but they are purely extracted from the nature. Normal foodstuff colors are located with restricted colors. A number of illustrations of the very most well-known healthy foodstuff colors include: 1. CHLOROPHYLL: Chlorophyll is…

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  • Feermentation: The Process And Misconceptions Of Fermentation

    for the dietary inadequacies of cheap food materials, especially in the regions of the world where malnutrition in human is chronic. Other Yeasts: The ability of asporogenous yeast, Candida utilis (Torulopsis utilis) to assimilate various carbon sources, including xylose, galactose and a wide range of organic acids is widely today. E.g Torula are grown on sulphite liquor from pulp and paper mills. 2. Production of Single Cell Protein: SCP are the dried cells of selected micro-organisms such as…

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