Chlorella pyrenoidosa

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  • Chlorella Vulgaris Research Paper

    Introduction Chlorella vulgaris is known to date back more than 2.5 billion years. C. vulgaris is a unicellular green algae that is eukaryotic (Wells). Because of its long life on earth it has been essential for C. vulgaris to evolve so it can survive. One feature that C. vulgaris has is its ability to grow rapidly. Because of its rapid growth scientist have been studying it and found that it can be used in many different ways; wastewater treatments, production of protein-rich food and feed additives, and biofuel (Cakmak,Wells). Specialty oils, and cosmetics can also be products from algae (Griffiths et al). The limit of fossil fuels makes it more important to be able to find renewable energy resources. There are many positives that come from using microalgae as a renewable resource; it has a large lipid content, make…

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