Chichen Itza

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  • The Maya's Mathematical System

    connection with the heavens and being a descendant of a god. As the celestial reptilian god was a very important figure in the Maya life, these religious beliefs were sometimes incorporated in Maya architecture. The Mayan temple El Castillo at Chichen Itza shows an example of Maya 's’ perfect…

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  • Book Report: Wetched Ruins By Steven L. Stern

    SCARY PLACES - WRETCHED RUINS BY:Steven L. Stern QUESTION FOUR:- Compare and contrast two individuals, events, or concepts from this selection. What is being compared and contrasted? THE LOST CITY- MACHU PICCHU, PERU & THE HIDDEN CITY OF TOMBS - PETRA, JORDAN Similarities The…

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  • What Are The Achievements Of Mayan Civilization

    The Maya were often misinterpreted as uncivilized people that practiced human sacrifice, bloody rituals, and war. In contrast to European explorers, modern historians see the Maya quite differently in terms of sophistication. Located in Mexico, Belize, Central America, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The majority of their surroundings was made up of volcanic mountains, scrub plains, and tropical rain forests. This ancient Mesoamerican world lasted for more than 2000 years, and was split…

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