Essay The Secrets Of The Mayans

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Xander Jones
1st Period
October 25, 2016
The Secrets of the Mayans
Many have wondered and marveled at the magnificent architecture of the Mayans, but, did you know that it is all based off astronomy? To what extent does Mayan astronomy relate to modern astronomy? The Mayans have a complex astronomy regime. The entirety of Mayan government relies on the knowledge of many renowned astrologers. Mayans would sacrifice anyone, but those who held the knowledge were spared. The Mayans acquired knowledge of astronomy far more advanced than any part of the world at the time. The few writings that were not burned by the Spanish demonstrate knowledge of constellations, the solar system, and most impressively, a spherical Earth. The knowledge that the Mayans possessed, even during the early days of their reign preceded even the knowledge of Galileo in multiple topics. The Mayans put their knowledge to good use by using it in architecture. Over 500 Mayan structures have been extensively analyzed and reveal surprisingly accurate astrological alignments, that no civilization was thought to be capable of. Many earlier buildings that were constructed followed regular geometric patterns, even our buildings follow today, however, later structures are found to be aligned with stars and planets instead. The Mayans valued their astronomy seemingly more than any other culture on planet Earth. Based on documents and inscriptions recovered by archaeologists, the entire foundation of Mayan culture,…

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