Causes of Leadership Corruption in Nigeria Essay

  • Similarities Between Bharam And Boko Haram

    either emerges in the mid- 1990s either in the early 2000s by a small Sunni Islamic Sect. International concerns over Islamic groups operating in northern Nigeria are nothing new, in the mid-1920s under British rules the international community already raised concern about the activities of Tijani missionaries. Even if the interpretation of Islam and use of violence differs from Boko Haram, the causes of these concerns are the same today as they were in the past. Three significant parallels can be draw between Tijanis and Boko Haran: their diffuse and confusing structures, their crucial links to bodies and organizations elsewhere in the Islamic World, and the important roles played by the North’s traditional leaders. While Boko Haram’s base is in Nigeria northern states of Borno, Kano and Yobe, the country’s porous borders with Cameroon, Chad and Niger, has facilitated the group movements and group transportation of goods. The origins of Boko Haram are connected to Mohammed Yusuf, an Islamic scholar (Malam) who led a wing of radical youth scholars in the 1990s in Maiduguri, giving roots to the movement. Build on traditional Islamic schools of thought, the group promotes strict adherence to Sharia’s law in Nigeria. According to their view, western influences and corruption inside Nigerian government are the reason of Nigeria underdevelopment, political and economic inequities with the rest of the world. Sharia’s law seeks a return to traditional Islamic rule of law, which…

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  • The Importance Of Innovation In Africa

    encourage universities to collaborate in STI to achieve goals of national development and security (Kenya 2008, vii). In West Africa, many governments have also expressed their commitment to support STI. As one of the few African countries that have witnessed relative political stability and strong economic growth in the last decade, the Ghana’s STI policy has “renewed its commitment to harnessing science, technology and innovation to help meet its economic, social and environmental challenges…

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  • Police Policing Theory

    speak their minds and act in such a free manner. The right to enforce laws are given to those that have taken an oath to uphold the rules and regulations with standards and an ethical code of conduct. They have been appointed by the state or local government. Police corruption has several meanings and comes in many different types. In the United Sates we have been in the midst of police brutality, money laundering, falsifying charges and drug dealing. All these examples are what goes on in…

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  • Effects Of Corruption In Nigeria

    National Differences in Political Economy Chapter Outline OPENING CASE: India’s Transformation INTRODUCTION POLITICAL SYSTEMS Collectivism and Individualism Democracy and Totalitarianism ECONOMIC SYSTEMS Market Economy Command Economy Mixed Economy LEGAL SYSTEMS Different Legal Systems Differences in Contract Law Property Rights and Corruption Country Focus: Corruption in Nigeria The Protection of…

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  • Cultural Factors Of Religion, Colonialization, And Colonialism In Africa

    interesting in that even with the region being nearly split in half with the two largest religions in the world, many Christians and Muslims describe member of the other fait as tolerant and honest. In most African countries, widespread hostility between the two groups is relatively low and both give their governments good remarks for treating the two fairly (Cooperman 2010). In fact, most African families are multi-religious which is unheard of in other regions such as the Middle East. In…

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  • Importance Of Service In The Community

    had organized and every Saturday morning I spent in homeless shelters. Every time I lifted my voice to rally for a cause, people like her would yell back. I am obligated to give the best of myself in order to build my community: locally and globally. Service remains an important value because my success has been a direct result of others seeing the seeds of greatness planted within me, and deciding to water them. Today, I take steps to transform my community in to a blossoming garden by working…

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  • Essay On Daesh

    sexism, anarchism, enslavement, kidnappings, stoning, terrorizing and even mass beheadings their opposition? A faction, which stands against contemporary shared values and morals, and they advocate for violence and barbarism under the name of virtue and ideology. They are known as Daesh, but there are many disinformation, misinformation and lack of information about them. Who are they and what do they want? If we can’t answer these tow fundamental questions, we will not be able to win against…

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  • Relationship Between Poverty And Literacy

    the lack of self-empowerment, the human development, not having the capability being able to take care of yourself due to lack of education (Unesco, 2016). This essay examines the link between Poverty and literacy and will argue that literacy is a significant factor in fighting against poverty in developing world by investing in education and economic development. Research has shown that by educating the people, especially women and children with help of literacy programmes, can result to an…

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  • The Importance Of Legal Jurisprudence

    and violent conflicts, tumbling economy and fears of recession, the raise population growth rate all these have cause some to stress in the health system globally, hence the need for a likely solution to help revamp the battered health system in need of assistance. The solution will have to accommodate and imbibe a total radical ways to care and manage patients generally, with support from technologies and its accessories, knowing well that there already is a manpower deficit, a need for…

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  • The Consequences Of Child Marriage

    as a formal or informal union before the age of 18. Usually the child is married by force. Child marriage is a traditional practice that has been in place for generations. It is a practice that should be abolished. Girls are forced to endure many devastating experiences that causes lifelong consequences that they have to live with. “Globally nearly one in three girls are married before the age of 18 and one in seven is married before the age of 15”(Svanemyr). The highest rates of early marriage…

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