Resistance And Contemporariness In Kaiine Agary's Yellow Yellow Analysis

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Resistance and Contemporariness in Kaine Agary’s Yellow Yellow
African literature has come of age through several sections, from the scripts of prehistoric Egypt through the oral form of transmission, which celebrated human and supernatural achievement rendered in songs by court bards, griots, troubadours, public dances, and masks. Walter.J Ong points out that ‘such as the traditional oral stories, proverbs, prayers, formulaic expressions…alternatively, other oral productions of, say Lakota Sioux in North America or the Mendes in West Africa or of the Hellenic Greeks’ (11), …Drew from oral tradition. From Olaudah Equiano 1789 to the pre-colonial epoch that foisted western pattern of writing on the continent at the detriment of
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Lolo was the granddaughter of one of the famous Leslie Cole brothers’ (56). This setting and situation totally intimidate Zilayefa as a victim of the divisive system. Zilayefa finds out that there are more consummating exploiters in the town as she assumes her activists in Port Harcourt. She quickly gets immersed in another exploitative vicious cycle, which threatens her mental, physical and spiritual sanity as she forgets her inventory of socio-cultural reality. Edward Said elaborates on the germaneness self-awareness as ‘… knowing thyself as the product of the historical process’ (25). Zilayefa negates her self-awareness and is ensnared emotionally by a sixty-year-old Retired Admiral Kenneth Alaowei Amalayefa. The Admiral is a social predator, involved in the multilayered desecration of the ecology and phallic violence against vulnerable women. Simon, E D. avers that he is ‘a spoiler morally and ethically bankrupt since he fails to do his duty as an elder statesman of his tribe’ (164).This pronouncement tallies with Chioma Opara’s assertion that such men ‘wield power not only in flagrant pillage of the nation but also in the violation of female sexuality’(160). His moral …show more content…
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