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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trading

    While most people get excited about trading, it is the investor that will triumph in the long run. Anyone who looks for capital gain are classified as a trader. Investors on the other hand focus on building sustainable and longer term cash flow and passive income. An investor will eventually have an upper hand over traders because when an investor acquires an asset. Capital Gain A trader will keep making new trades by buying and selling while a true investor will make one important commitment…

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  • Megaworld: An Analysis Of Liquidity Ratio

    These ratios measure the capacity of an organization to pay off its transient liabilities when they fall due. The liquidity ratios are an aftereffect of separating cash and other fluid resources by the fleeting borrowings and current liabilities. They demonstrate the quantity of times the transient obligation commitments are secured by the cash and fluid resources. On the off chance that the quality is more noteworthy than 1, it implies the fleeting commitments are completely secured. By and…

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  • Damodar Valuation Security Analysis

    because the illiquidity reduction of the restricted stock is minor. Chapter 12: This chapter explains the various intangible assets that have reputation of generating cash flows for firms and how discounted cash flow models aid in valuing trademarks and licenses. Brand names are an example of the intangible assets that generate cash flows to the entire firm and are quite challenging to value due to its competitive advantages. Fierce competition exists and employees tend to gravitate to the…

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  • Walk The Line Analysis

    the loss of music legends Johnny and June Cash (née Carter). To begin the show, we have Dilki De Silva with us to give her critique of Walk the Line (2005), the award-winning biopic of these two legendary singers. Dilki: Thank you, Anne. Do you ever question your biopics? If you don’t, please start now. Directed by James Mangold, Walk the Line (2005) is indeed a glorified cinematic achievement which portrays the fame, folly and fortune of Johnny Cash, an eminent musician of 1950s. Tonight,…

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  • Financial Budgeting

    planned capital outlays affect cash” (Horngren, Datar, & Rajan, 2012, p. 189). Therefore, a cash budget is produced to estimate receipts and disbursements during a projected budgeting period based on estimates from sales and expenses reports (Needles et al., 2011; VanDebeck, 2010). Garrison et al. (2012) noted that there are four main categories to the cash report: receipts, disbursements, excess or deficiency, and the financing section. The receipts portion of the cash budget lists all…

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  • Unconditional Cash Transfer In Social Services

    with effective inputs in education health and moral values. Building on health care initiatives could contribute to the end goal of human capital accumulation. The conditionality aspect of cash transfers is what makes CCTs…

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  • Shortcomings And Cons Of The NPV And Internal Rate Of Return

    significantly over a period of time, and the IRR method is solely based upon one internal rate of return. Not only that, the basic IRR calculation is completely ineffective when it is evaluating a project with a mixture of multiple positive and negative cash flows. In this case, a single internal rate of return [IRR] cannot possibly be used. IRR is the discount rate that makes a project break even, in the first place. If the market changes its condition over a period of time, this project can…

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  • Finance Case Study: Rite Aid Corporation's Debt

    between the face value and carrying value for these notes is due to an unamortized discount of $4,049. The cash interest payment on these notes during fiscal 2009 equals $38,438, and this number can be calculated by taking the face value of $410,000 and multiplying it by the coupon or face interest rate of 9.375%. This amount would also be credited to cash when journalizing the entry. Although the cash payment is $38,438, this does not mean that the interest expense will be this same amount.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Cash And Credit Cards

    Cash vs. Credit Credit cards are cards given by the banks that are used for buying goods and services, and also offering credit services. Credit cards are being used as an alternative to cash, something that has come up as a result of technological changes. On the other hand, cash is the use of liquid money for shopping or buying of product. This is usually the money at hand that is used for shopping. People have different opinions about both, and different people have different preferences when…

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  • Whole Life Insurance Case Study

    insurance. On the other view, it can be defined as a cash value that provides lifetime protection. (Rejda & McNamara, 2014). In this contract, upon the death of the policyholder, a stated amount will be paid to the beneficiary. There are several types of whole life insurance that are as follow:- 2.1.1 6 Whole life Insurance in Malaysia 1. Variable life insurance It can be defined as a fixed premium policy (Rejda & McNamara, 2014). Death benefit and cash values vary according to the investment…

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