Case Study: Kids For Cash

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For six years Judge Mark Ciavarella and Judge Michael Conahan were using their authority to benefit themselves. Kids for Cash was a scandal, which consisted of kickbacks at the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas that was located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Kickbacks are a form of corruption when law-enforcement seeks personal gain, such as money through the abuse of their power. These two judges were convicted for receiving millions of dollars by the owners of PA Child Care. The reason they were being paid was because they had an agreement to send kids to the facilities owned by Robert Mericle. These kids were taken to court and advised not bring counsels.
The case that disappointment me most would be the Hillary Transue case. In January
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Her hearing was less than three minutes and she was sent away. Hillary entered a consent decree after saying she wanted a second hearing because she did not know her rights were waived, after that expungement was considered. Another reason it upset me the most is because the officer on the phone made it seem as if they had nothing to worry about, but when they entered the courtroom everything went the opposite direction. Once Hillary was shackled the bailiff in the courtroom said to her, "Just listen to what you 've done to your poor mother." Laurene felt bad because she insisted that Hillary did not need a lawyer because she had trust in the justice …show more content…
This recommendation spoke on the fact that many of the parents of the children who encountered Ciavarella have been involved just as much as the children themselves. They went through a lot trying to remove their children from detention facilities. These parents had to work extremely hard to find ways to protect the constitutional rights of their children, and it should never get to that point because everyone has rights that they are obligated to. There should automatically be steps taken to make sure juveniles understand and take advantage of the rights to

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